Vision: To pioneer an outreach on every geographical region of the world (Africa, South Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, Australia and South Pacific, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, North America, Eastern Europe, West Europe, Middle East,)



Cebu – Philippines

GEMI-LeadershipGlobal Ecclesia Ministries Inc. (GEMI)

GEMI Leadership

 Portland Christian Center – Danao

Portland Christian Center was pioneered by Mark & Cora King, (ECC) along with Jennifer Campaner, who was an indigenous missionary in 2005. The church first started as a small Bible study that took place once a week in a house with just one family attending. Soon after, as more and more people attended and turned to Christ, the church was formally planted -Today this mountain village church has grown to over 200 people.

Global Ecclesia Danao (GED)


In 2013, following a short-term mission in the Danao City, the first daughter church of PCC was planted. The church attracts mainly people from the city of Danao and surrounding areas.

Daan Bantayan


Following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, the GEMI team worked with Elim (ERA) to help many communities in northern Cebu to recover from the disaster. This gave the team a wonderful opportunity to forge relationships with the local people and through needs-based evangelism, God provided an open door for the gospel to be shared. One of the adopted areas was Daan Bantayan which is situated at the northern most tip of Cebu. Through building relationships and providing practical help and support, a church was planted and is now influencing the area.

Padre Borgos (BCC)

Padre-BorgosEvan and Onie Gillies, who are GEMI pastors, felt the call of God to plant a church in Padre Borgos, southern Leyte in May 2015 – Padre Borgos being Evans home town. The church is growing quickly and is reaching out to the many addicts and poor sectors of the community

The Island of Leyte hit our TV screens during the Haiyan disaster in 2013 which killed over 6300 people – mainly concentrated in the town of Tacloban. Touched by the devastation and the suffering that the communities were experiencing, Evan and Onie were led to a community situated 45 minutes south of Tacloban called Dulag. Here they were able to help rebuild 52 houses and distribute aid which was sponsored by Elim ERA. The plan is to plant a church in this area also.


HilotonganPastor Faye and Alex

Hilotongan is a remote island situated off the north-west tip of Cebu. It has a population of around 2000 people. There is no electricity or fresh water on the island and it was one of the places that took a direct hit from Typhoon Haiyan. Our GEMI team, sponsored by Elim (ERA) teamed up with two local AOG pastors, to plant a church on this island. The church is now thriving and has recently purchased its own land.



UVNUnited Vision Nepal – UVN

In October 2006 Bhab Ghale was sent from Ealing Christian Centre as a missionary to Nepal, a country situated in the Himalayan regions. Bhab studied at the London Bible School for three years, after this time he felt called by God to return to Nepal as a full time missionary. Bhab and his wife Kumari and their daughter, Ichchha, returned to their native home of Nepal, where he set up United Vision Nepal (UVN) a mission office in Kathmandu. UVN is a Non-profit Organization serving people with the love of God, especially in the rural and remote villages of Nepal for holistic development and transformation of lives and communities.



Carmel Ministries

Carmel Ministries, which is led by Pastor Ebenezer Shastri, is called to reach the unreached and to see souls saved. Carmel is a faith-based ministry which started in ELURU-India in 1996. Individual members of ECC support this ministry by sponsoring some of its orphans.


St. Paul’s Education Welfare Association

St. Paul’s Education Welfare Association was established in 1994 by Pastor Joseph Raju. It is situated in Agiripalli, Andhra Pradesh. St. Paul’s is a voluntary organization that runs an orphanage for 65 unprivileged children providing them food, shelter, education, medical aid and clothing, and of course, nurturing them in the ways of the Lord. Individual members of ECC support this ministry by sponsoring some of its orphans.


chinaBecause of the delicate nature of reporting Christian activity in China, details of personnel and work have to be kept confidential and to a minimum – however, it is amazing how God is using an ECC member to reach her nation for Jesus. Deborah, not her real name, was trained in the UK and has now gone back to her own country as a missionary, planted a church where the congregation has grown to over 40, and has recently established a nursery school. The nursery not only provides an income for the church, but also acts as a tool for evangelism. It has become so popular that Deborah has a waiting list of students.



GuyanaECC have been supporting Pastor Michael Sammy since 1994 when he was the principal of the Bible Institute of Guyana – Georgetown.

Pastor Michael pioneered a church in Timerhi called Elim Timerhi Christian Fellowship (ETCF) following an ECC short-term mission in 2001. ETFC is now one of the largest Elim churches in Guyana and has now two daughter churches – one in a place called Swan and the other Canaan. (Not the land of Canaan!!)

Reconciliation Ministries International

RMIRMI was established by Pastor George Miller and his wife Hazel.

RMI is about evangelism and reaching people with the gospel, by all means – Going forward with the gospel of the kingdom of God: taking the message of repentance, renewal, revival, restoration and reconciliation to all nations. RMI publishes a Caribbean edition of the Word for today and is distributed throughout the Caribbean region. ECC helps fund this publication.




Elim Bible School in Tanga was started in the 80’s. The students are trained up and equipped and sent out to plant churches throughout the country. ECC supports the work via a monthly donation to support the College principal and administrator.


– ongoing


Christ’s Ambassadors Gospel Outreach Ministries – C.A.G.O.M.

CAGOM was established in 2005 by Moses Otieno and Chris Matthews (Member of ECC)

ECC are seeking to bring CAGOM under its wing and to become an Elim Global Partner.

Nigeria – ANNU (New)


Mission Statement

Our mission is to witness God’s love to the needy and the disadvantaged through the provision of a shoulder for them to lean on and by helping to meet their practical needs with a view to releasing them from oppression.


MEGO (Middle East Gospel Outreach)

MEGO is an International Christian outreach to the countries the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. Founded by Dr. Elias Malki, MEGO reaches out to 180 countries daily with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

From 1977 to 1985, he hosted the first full-Gospel radio program in the Arabic language, which was broadcast from the island of Cyprus. He created and hosted the Good News Program, the first Evangelical Christian television program in the Middle East. ECCIM continues to help sponsor these TV broadcasts.


CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)

ECCIM continues to support CSW financially and through prayer. CSW reaches and minister to people that are difficult to for us to reach physically, namely persecuted Christians. Because of ECCIM support, those who are persecuted because of their faith are being encouraged to persevere and many have been successfully set free from captivity and prison through the efforts of CSW and its advocacy strategy.