Purpose: To Support business people in the Church by providing biblical direction, stimulation, teaching, and fellowship, in assisting them fulfil their roles as entrepreneurs and ‘kings’ in the ‘great commission.’


  1. To bring together business people in the Church and provide a forum for them to serve God as a unit, and seek his face in one accord.
  2. To empower business people in the Church by enlightening them to the Bible’s truths about the power to succeed, and the consequent role and responsibility offered to them as ‘kings’ within the Church.
  3. To distinguish between ‘godly success’ and ‘love  for money’ in unravelling the myth that money equates to evil. To engender the belief that prosperity as promised in Isaiah, is very achievable even in current times, to those who seek God first.
  4. To encourage business people to step out and discover what Jesus meant when he said “came that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.” To reinforce this by David’s affirmation that he expected to see this in ‘this lifetime,’ and to challenge business people to trust God to deliver their ‘Goshen’ even within a failing economy.
  5. To provide biblical guidance and direction to those who have received authentic words of prophesy regarding going into business, in their quest to unlock their own blessing.
  6. To provide practical guidance on how ‘faithwithoutworks,isdead’ or how Christian business people cannot just rely on praying, without planning, knowledge, or equipping, and expect to achieve success.
  7. To provide support and guidance to young people and others in the Church body desirous of going into business.
  8. To support members by coming together in prayer for their businesses either in Church during the week, or on site at their business premises.


  1. To unlock the latent potential possessed by the ‘kings’ within the Church, so that they may be stimulated, equipped, and challenged to achieve their full potential, and in so doing, bring in the harvest to fuel the vision of the Priests.
  2. To develop a mature group of business people within the church that would have ‘kingdom vision,’ and take their place within the business community, ready to influence their environment for Jesus.
  3. To fulfil the ‘great commission’ by attracting the unsaved business people into the Church through projects, training workshops, and relevance.

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