evergreendaytripwebThe word “Evergreen” is associated with trees that keep their foliage all year round and add colour and life to their environment. It is also a way of describing people or things that are always fresh, lively or interesting and remain so despite their age. Our Evergreens are a valued part of our congregation.

Evergreens is a active social group for people age 55+
Which offers our senior members of the congregation fun,fellowship and entertainment. These include outings, daytrips, luncheons,film showings, arts and crafts, musical recitals, quiz times and much more. It is somewhere outside of the home in a Christian environment where people can feel they belong.

Evergreens have events on the second Monday of every month and their is also our Wednesday Afternoon Fellowship each week.

Sharon Grant our Pastoral Care Assistant is responsible for organisation and co-ordination of these events, so if you would like to have further information please contact her at the church office on 020 8840 7508.