Prayer is a vital part of our spiritual walk with God. It is how we reach out to him in times of trouble and times of thanksgiving. ECC has had a vision to pray for a powerful move of God, that impacts our communities and our nation. We want to see people break free from bondages that have kept them from living a full life. We believe this is so important that in 2002 our Prayer Centre was setup. Since that time this has ensured that we are live 24hours a day, giving continuous prayer and having unbroken contact with God.

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Our Prayer Centre is where volunteers are on call, all day and night to pray for the needs of others. There are currently over 100 members of our church that are actively involved in this ministry.

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Every member of our congregation and Christians from other churches are welcome and encouraged to join our meetings. These are also open to the general public, feel free to come and pray. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am – 12pm & 6pm – 7pm Our twice daily Prayer Meetings are a place where we intercede for our nation, revival and various needs of others. Tuesday 10am – 12pm & 7.30pm – 9pm Prayer and intercession every week on Tuesdays. All Night Prayer Meetings 10pm – 5am (Last Friday of the Month) Prayer and Worship meetings and a place of strong fervent prayer that are held every last Friday of each month.

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Prayer Diaries 2017

Praying the Bible are daily scripture readings written by our Senior Pastor and each day contains prayer points that focus on prayer and intercession. Please join us daily by praying through the points for revival of the church and the individual. We believe prayer is powerful and will bring you encouragement and strengthen your spiritual walk.


Prayer Diary for February 2017

Praying the Bible

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Interceding for Revival in our Nation

Ezra Chapters 1-10

Prayer Diary February 2017

It was one of the darkest periods in the life of the nation. From the greatness of the days of David the nation of Israel began its slow spiritual descent as it backslid and forsook the Lord and all his godly ways, preferring the carnal activities of pagan worship instead. Such worship allowed them to live lives of immorality, violence, child-sacrifice and generally living however much they pleased. We have seen a similar resurgence of pagan attitudes and ways of living in our own generation and for the same reasons; it allows people to live their lives however they choose with little self-restraint.

God had been patient with his people Israel for many years. He sent prophet after prophet to remind them that as a nation they had entered into a covenant with him, at the centre of which was the Ten Commandments. Their covenant brought God’s protection and blessing on the nation for obedience but a forsaking of both things if they disobeyed. Finally, after their rejection of the warnings and pleadings of the prophets, God’s patience ran out and he acted in accordance with the covenant he had made with them. He allowed first the Assyrians to take into exile and captivity the northern ten tribes of Israel and then the Babylonians to take away the final two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. In the process the Babylonians destroyed the magnificent temple built by Solomon and then proceeded to destroy the city of Jerusalem taking it apart stone by stone, exactly as Jesus had foretold.

Now seventy years of exile had passed. Daniel, who was one of the earliest of the exiles from Jerusalem, had noted this and interceded earnestly that the prophecies foretold earlier by Jeremiah that after seventy years God would bring back the people of Israel to Jerusalem out of their captivity. God answered and moved the heart of the Persian King Cyrus to not only let any willing Israelites to return to the ruined Jerusalem but also funded the expenses of their project to rebuild the temple.

The story of Ezra is one of a minority of God’s people, broken by their nation’s sin, seeking God through prayer and fasting to rebuild what sin had destroyed. It shows what can be achieved when we use the spiritual weapons God has placed in our hands: repentance, prayer, fasting, a desire to walk in holiness and to seek the revival of a nation. Under the spiritual leadership of Ezra, they did turn back to God and, after many heartaches, this godly man witnessed a major move of God as the people wept in repentance, listened avidly to the Word of God and committed themselves to serve the Lord with righteousness.

How our own nation needs such men and women to rise up in spiritual leadership and live their lives by example in the same way Ezra did. As we pray through the prayer points for this month we are seeking God for exactly that.

1st – Ezra 1:1 The Lord moved the heart of Cyrus…

  1. O Lord, move our hearts to seek you with all our being
  2. Move the hearts of all our politicians to restore our nation to godly ways, we pray
  3. Move the hearts of the people of our nation to begin to see the folly of rejecting you O God and put a new desire in their hearts to seek you once again, we ask
  4. Move the hearts of all authorities, including local governments and schools to stop seeking to oppose and remove christian worship but rather to promote it
  5. Move on the hearts of the authorities of public employers to stop dismissing their staff simple for praying or talking about their faith in Christ, we pray

2nd – Ezra 1:2 Go…and build the temple of the Lord

  1. As the temple of the living God help each of us to grow closer to you, our God, day by day
  2. Stir up the fire within us, O Lord, to seek to fulfil the Great Commission and help you build your church
  3. We pray that you would strengthen each cell leader for the important ministry of the discipleship cells and raise up more men and women for this the crucial work
  4. As a church, deepen our walk with you, O Lord, so that out of the overflow of the Spirit within us we would touch the lives of many others, showing them the way to God
  5. Build your church amongst us and through us, O God

3rd – Ezra 1:3-5 Willing hearts to serve the Lord

  1. Help us to get our priorities right, O Lord and understand that nothing has eternal consequence more than serving you
  2. In every area of our daily lives, wherever we live, work or study may we serve you effectively as a powerful influence for Christ upon those we are in contact with day by day
  3. Break any areas of our hearts that are stony and currently unyielding and cause us to seek you with all our heart
  4. Let our service for you be always a joy and not just a duty, O God, as we fulfil the purpose for which we are created
  5. Move us to serve you faithfully, persistently and consistently to see your Kingdom come, O Lord

4th – Ezra 1:6-11 Freewill Offerings

  1. Since you have held back nothing from us, O Lord, make us to be a generous people, holding our worldly possessions only lightly, recognising that our true riches are spiritual not physical
  2. Let us be a people who are happy to tithe and to do so joyfully knowing that you are no man’s debtor, O God
  3. Cause us to be able to give freewill offerings over and above our tithes, we pray
  4. As we put you first, O Lord, we pray that you would bless your people financially and cause each business to prosper and each employment to be rewarded
  5. As we give to you, O God, give us testimonies of your provision, that will be a blessing to many

5th – Ezra 2:1-2 Willing individuals known by God

  1. Lord, since you know us individually show each of us individually what you would have us do this day and every day
  2. Lord, since you know every hair of our head and our every thought, search our hearts and cause us to reject all that is ungodly within us and instead to seek to be more like Jesus in every area of our lives
  3. We pray for your people throughout this land that you would cause there to be a great hunger and thirst among all of us for a new move of God in our nation
  4. Raise up more spiritual leaders in our nation who will take the lead in turning many to Christ, we pray
  5. We pray that you would set alight with the presence of your Holy Spirit a national move of God, every church in every city, town and village in this nation, O Lord

6th – Ezra 2:61-67 Those outside the family

  1. We pray that we may see saved and added to the Kingdom of God all those outside the family of God whom we know
  2. We pray for all those in our personal families who do not know Christ that you would save them, O Lord
  3. Give us a clear understanding of hell so that we may be moved with compassion and zeal to seek to save the lost
  4. Let a sense of urgency take over your church, O Lord, to see the lost saved before it is too late for them
  5. Start your work in each one of us, O Lord, we ask

7th – Ezra 2:68-70 Freely give

  1. Lord, this day, once again, we freely lay down our lives for you and in service for you
  2. We freely give of our time to you, O Lord and ask for wisdom to use it wisely, profitably and fruitfully for your service and your Kingdom
  3. Because you have given us talents, O God, we now dedicate them to you and your service
  4. As we have freely received financial blessings from you, O Lord, may we also freely give, just as you have told us to
  5. As we freely give away the gospel, cause us to rejoice in freely seeing great spiritual fruit as a consequence, we pray

8th – Ezra 3:1 Assembled as one man

  1. O Lord, knit our hearts and souls and join us together as one in the church
  2. May we be a people of one united purpose, which is to seek only to do the will of you, O God, and to be used in building your Kingdom
  3. Heal any wounds that may exist between any of your people, O Lord, causing us to be a people who can freely forgive
  4. Holy Spirit, as your people join together in unity may you flow freely among us like the anointing oil upon Aaron the priest
  5. Help us not to forsake the meeting of one another together in corporate worship and fellowship, but rather to build one another up in the faith, we pray

9th – Ezra 3:2 Rebuilding the altar

  1. Holy Spirit strengthen our daily walk with you, we pray
  2. Lord, for those among us who have neglected their daily time with you, restore to them that most precious and important of times
  3. For any areas of our spiritual lives that have fallen into disuse, forgive us, restore us and help us to rebuild them, we pray
  4. For all those in our midst who have backslidden, we pray that you would restore them to their former walk with you, O Lord
  5. For any issues in our lives that are causing us to neglect our walk with you, O God, give us the strength and wisdom to deal with them effectively, we pray

10th – Ezra 3:3-6 Overcoming fear

  1. Break all fear in our lives that may hold us back from serving you, O Lord
  2. Break all fear in our lives that may cause us to remain silent when we should be standing up for the truth and for righteousness
  3. Break all bondages in our lives, O Lord, that hinder us from being effective and making you our first priority in life
  4. Remove all fear of our spiritual enemies and instead as we humble ourselves before our God may we resist the devil and see him flee from us
  5. Deepen our relationship with you, O Lord, so that we have a boldness that can overcome every challenge we face no matter how great

11th – Ezra 3: 7-11 Getting to work

  1. Cause us to be a people who are prepared to work sensibly but hard for you, O God, redeeming the time, knowing that the days are evil
  2. May our service for you, O Lord, be like silver, gold and precious stones that will stand the fire of judgment on the last day and not like wood, hay and stubble that will be burned up as worthless
  3. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that there is no such thing as unemployment or retirement in the Kingdom of God and so cause all our work be profitable
  4. For those amongst us who, without good reason, are doing nothing for you, stir up a passion within them and help them to see they can do all things through Christ
  5. In all our daily work and service may all we do, O God, be as unto you, so that we excel in all we put our hands and minds to

12th – Ezra 3:12-13 Looking forward not back

  1. Having put our hands to the plough, may we never look back, O Lord
  2. Give us the vision to see that greater are the days that lie ahead than those that have already passed
  3. Cause an excitement to rise within us as we realise that with our God nothing is impossible and we are capable of seeing a great and mighty move of the Holy Spirit
  4. Help us keep our eyes firmly fixed looking ahead to Jesus and not on the wind, sea or waves that may be buffeting us at this time
  5. Holy Spirit, make us visionaries who can see by faith the great things you can do through us in days to come

13th – Ezra 4:1-16 Overcoming discouragement

  1. Give us a courage to stand up for our God in every situation and not to be overcome or intimidated by discouragement, O Lord
  2. Keep our eyes fixed on you, Lord Jesus, at all times so that we always rise above our circumstances rather than letting them overcome us
  3. We rebuke and bind every spirit of discouragement that would seek to keep us from being effective servants of God
  4. We rebuke and bind every spirit that seeks to frustrate and prevent the full measure of the plans and purposes of God being fulfilled in our midst
  5. Make us bold so that no word or action of the ungodly would cause us to stumble, change course or stop doing what you, O God, want us to do

14th – Ezra 4:17-24 Overcoming opposition

  1. Lord, cause all human opposition to your work in this nation to be frustrated and defeated, we pray
  2. Lord, cause all the plans of the powers of darkness that oppose a great move of God in our nation to be frustrated and defeated, we pray
  3. Open new doors of effective ministry for your people, O Lord, that no man can shut
  4. Remove every barrier that may stand in the way of us seeing your great move amongst, Holy Spirit, we ask
  5. Rise up, O Lord and let all your enemies be scattered!

15th – Ezra 5:1-5 Prophetic encouragement

  1. We thank you for every word of prophecy you have brought to your people, O Lord and pray that those words give us strength and determination to press on
  2. Raise up in our nation prophetic voices that will stir up your church to serve you with passion, O God
  3. Raise up in our nation prophetic voices that will speak to our rulers and turn them back to you, O God
  4. Lord, we pray that you will enable us to be a people that walks so closely to you that you will be able to fulfil every prophetic word you have given to us as a church
  5. As you speak to us as individuals and as a church, cause the ears of our understanding to be open to hear, we pray

16th – Ezra 5:6-17 Praying for civil authorities

  1. Raise men and women up from your church to prominent and influential positions who can bring godly change in public authorities and institutions, we pray
  2. We pray for our queen that you would preserve her life and help her as she walks in the fear of God
  3. We pray that you would cause each member of the royal family to know the true God and to have the wisdom to walk in your ways
  4. We pray that our government would turn from making laws that are contrary to Biblical values and instead to pass only righteous laws
  5. We pray, O God, that you would turn back to godly ways our local governments, the police, schools, hospitals and all other national institutions

17th – Ezra 6:1-12 Moving the heart of those in authority

  1. Move the hearts of our government, O Lord and let there be a move away from political correctness back to Biblical correctness
  2. Cause our government to see the immense value of our christian heritage and stop dismantling its influence in our nation, we pray
  3. Cause our politicians to look with favour on your church, O Lord, and to seek our counsel
  4. Cause our politicians to stop being afraid to promote christianity but rather to give it the place and priority in our nation that it deserves
  5. Sweep away the opposition to you and your church of humanists, O Lord and their remove their ungodly influence on those in authority

18th – Ezra 6:13-22 The joy of the Lord is our strength

  1. Lord, may we know the joy of the Lord, no matter what our current circumstances may happen to be
  2. Cause your people to rejoice in the joy of leading people to Christ, we pray
  3. Cause your people to know the joy of being effective instruments in the hand of our God
  4. May we rejoice in seeing a great move of God in our church, displaying signs and wonders with many being saved
  5. May we rejoice in seeing many answers to prayer, both great and small, we pray

19th – Ezra 7:1-10 Devoted to knowing, teaching and obeying God’s Word

  1. Like Ezra, O Lord, let us be a people who are devoted and wholly dedicated to walking in the ways of our God
  2. Cause us to be a people who are devoted to knowing the Word of God and as we regularly read it, Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds to hear your voice
  3. Like Ezra, let us be a people, O God, who are able to disciple others in the ways of God
  4. Cause our discipleship cells to multiply and anoint all cell leaders, we pray
  5. Like Ezra, may we be a people, O Lord, who are not merely hearers of God’s Word but are ones who obey it

20th – Ezra 7:11-17 God’s Word in your hand

  1. Give us an all-consuming hunger to read and to know your Word, we ask
  2. Teach us the power of your Word, O Lord and help us to use it to change our own lives and the lives of others
  3. Teach us, Holy Spirit, to use the power and authority of the name of Jesus to save the lost, heal the sick and to see your power operate in the lives of many
  4. May we, O Lord, be wise, yet fearless bringers of God’s Word to all those we come in contact with, sharing the Good News without compromise
  5. May your Word always be a lamp for our feet and a light for our path, seeing us through the darkest situations

21st – Ezra 7:18-24 Do whatever God has commanded

  1. May we always be careful not to move to the right or the left but to walk carefully in your ways at all times, O Lord
  2. Cause us to be a people who seeks to carry out the Great Commission to share the gospel to all people, we pray
  3. Give us divine opportunities and lead us to those whose hearts you have prepared, Holy Spirit, we ask
  4. Lord, if we are not doing at this time what you desire of us, show us and cause us to change our ways so we can be fully obedient, we pray
  5. Since you said, O Lord, that the sign of being your disciples was demonstrated by our love for one another, cause us to be fully compliant with your command

22nd – Ezra 7:25-28 Teach the Word of God

  1. Lord, anoint all those who preach in our midst that they may be able to mightily preach your Word with the power of the Holy Spirit
  2. Lord, anoint all those who teach our children, giving them wisdom and knowledge to train the boys and girls up in the ways of the Lord
  3. We pray for all the parents in the church that you would give them the ability, wisdom and knowledge to train their children up in all the ways of the Lord
  4. We pray for all those who teach our youth that you would help them to be good role models to be vehicles for bringing the life-changing Word of God to our young people
  5. Use all in the church who are school teachers to be great role models and influences for God on the children they teach, we pray

23rd – Ezra 8:15-23 Fasting before God

  1. Teach us to have the discipline to fast before you, O Lord, in a way that enables us grow spiritually
  2. Speak to us Lord as we seek to listen to your voice through fasting and prayer
  3. Help us to fast before you, O Lord, even if we have very busy lives
  4. Hear our cries, O Lord, as we bring our nation before you with prayer and fasting and in your mercy remember this nation once again, visiting us with your power
  5. Lord, may we be a people who can, not only spend seasons of fasting from food, but also to abstain continually from every practice that is not in accordance with your revealed ways

24th – Ezra 8:24-32 God’s hand upon us

  1. We pray for your divine favour on every part of our lives, O Lord
  2. O Lord, may we know your close presence with us in all that we do
  3. We pray for all the families of the church that your hand would rest upon every family relationship, our children and that you would be the rock upon which each family is built
  4. We pray for your hand to be upon all those in the church with businesses and will prosper and bless the work of their hands
  5. We pray for all those in the church who are employed or who are seeking employment and that you would keep your hand upon them by providing jobs and promotions, we pray

25th – Ezra 9:1-5 Separation from sinful ways

  1. Keep us from compromise with sin, the world and its values, so that we may walk in faithfulness to you, O Lord
  2. Help us to live as ones who are in this world but who are not of this world, we pray
  3. Holy Spirit, work so powerfully in our lives that we are always conscious of when we may be grieving you, so we can change our ways
  4. Show us the ugliness of sin in the same way that you see the ugliness of sin, O Lord, so that we may never become complacent or compromise our testimony
  5. Help us to maintain our testimony at all times, O Lord, even when there is great pressure all around us to do otherwise

26th – Ezra 9:6-15 Confessing sins

  1. Lord, forgive us all our sins just as we forgive those who have sinned against us
  2. Search us, Holy Spirit, and see if there is any wicked way within us so we may turn from it and allow you to operate freely through us
  3. We pray that you would help us identify any sin in your church, O Lord, so we may change whatever is necessary
  4. So move in our church, O Lord, that every member will desire only to walk in your ways, we pray
  5. Give us the desire to always walk in holiness and to grow ever closer to you in all our words, actions, thoughts and ambitions, we pray

27th – Ezra 10:1-8 Weeping for the sin of the nation

  1. Lord, we confess the sins of our forefathers praying that you would bring your forgiveness and break any generational bondage that is flowing as a result
  2. Lord, we pray for the sins of the present generation in our nation and ask that in your great mercy you would forgive and bring a cleansing to our land
  3. Lord, we confess that your church in this nation has sat back for years in complacency and compromise and allowed a tide of evil to sweep over our nation, so forgive us we pray
  4. Holy Spirit put the fire back into your people to rise up in power and making a stand for truth, we pray
  5. Lord, we have no excuse, but only cry to you for your mercy on this nation

28th – Ezra 10:9-17 Turning to God

  1. Lord, let our church be a lighthouse that shines out the ways of God and the righteousness of Christ in a way that causes many to come into your Kingdom of light
  2. So move in our midst, O Lord that all in the church will desire only ever to remain close to you in every area of their lives
  3. Come, O Lord, and let your manifest presence be seen in our midst, turning sinners to Christ and moving in signs, wonders and miracles
  4. Visit us, O Lord with an outpouring of your presence and may you stay to inhabit this church as a place that draws many to you and causes your Kingdom to advance rapidly and extensively
  5. Send revival to your church, our borough, our city and our nation, O God


Prayer Diary for April 2017

Praying the Bible

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Working for Revival

Nehemiah Chapters 7-13

Prayer Diary April 2017

These chapters show us the reason why a significant revival broke out amongst the inhabitants of Jerusalem and its surroundings at this time. Two men were working side by side complimenting one another with two essential Biblical ministries.

First, there was Nehemiah who was practical man, gifted by God with the wisdom to build and to govern according to spiritual principles. Those spiritual principles he applied first in his own personal life and then taught them to those he led. His gifted leadership is demonstrated by the way the people followed him to construct the walls of Jerusalem in record time under very difficult conditions. Though deeply spiritual, his humanity is also on display. He found it difficult to tolerate backsliding and compromise amongst the people of God and his anger is manifested out of frustration at such behaviour. But his anger is not selfish but motivated by his passion for God and his desire not to see sinful behaviour undo their accomplishments of restoring a pure, God-fearing and God-seeking remnant to Jerusalem.

Second, there is Ezra, who by contrast, was a priest, but an equally able and gifted spiritual leader. He comes to work alongside Nehemiah in a spiritual role to teach the people, not only the Word of God, but its implementation in their personal lives and prayer. This requires the need for repentance, that is, a complete break with any sinful ways the people had fallen into and a whole-hearted turning to the Lord.

He leads the population in mass confession of sin, prayer and Bible study and commitment to serve the Lord without compromise. His personal lifestyle and example enables God to use him in a revival that takes place at one of the most crucial times in Israel’s history. If he had not succeeded and the people instead had fallen headlong into compromise and the intermarrying with the pagans around them, who were leading them away from worship of the true God, the whole plan of salvation through Christ would be in jeopardy. This revival was to prepare a purified Jewish people to be re-established in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to prepare for the first coming of their Messiah, Jesus Christ. God knew he could count on Nehemiah and Ezra for this vital task.

As we prepare for the soon-arrival of our Messiah for his Second Coming, all the ingredients for a move of the Holy Spirit in our time are contained in this book. And as we pray through it this month we are asking God to prepare us, the church, individually and collectively to be spiritual prepared for him to move in us and through us in revival power.

1st – Nehemiah 7:1-3 Integrity before man and God

  1. May we so walk in your ways, O God, that it may be said of us by believers and unbelievers that we are people of integrity
  2. Let our lifestyle of integrity be such that whether people are watching us or not we never let our standards of godliness slip
  3. Lord, help us to be people who have a reverential fear of you that causes us to tremble at the idea of sinning against you in thought or deed
  4. Whenever we slip, O God, may we be quick to apologise and seek forgiveness from you and from those we have let down
  5. In all that we do, O Lord, may we always remember that your Word says we are to do it as unto you

2nd – Nehemiah 7:4-7 Names included and excluded from God’s book

  1. We pray that the spiritual eyes of all our family members who have not yet accepted Christ as Saviour will soon be opened
  2. Holy Spirit, cause all our colleagues at school, college or in our workplaces who do not know Christ to commit their lives to Christ, we pray
  3. We pray that all our unsaved neighbours would open their hearts to listen and believe the gospel, O Lord
  4. We pray you would give to those who witness on the streets to the unsaved and also through our discipleship cells, the joy of leading many to Christ
  5. Lord Jesus, we praise and thank you for doing all that is necessary to enable all who repent and have faith in you to have their names included in your Book of Life

3rd – Nehemiah 8:1-8 Reading and understanding the Bible

  1. Give us ears that listen attentively to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, such that it changes us from the inside out
  2. In our witnessing to people on a one-to-one basis, give us the right words to say, Holy Spirit, so that the people clearly understand
  3. We pray that all those who lead or participate in discipleship cell meetings will have the ability to speak and explain with clarity, O Lord
  4. Cause all our teachers in our children’s, youth and other ministries to deposit the deep truths of your Word into their hearts in a way they can understand and remember
  5. Give us a passion, Holy Spirit, to read and understand your Word and apply it to every area of our lives, we pray

4th – Nehemiah 8:9-12 Repentance and rejoicing

  1. Bring us to the place where we truly appreciate the depth of the sinful nature from which we have been saved by your sacrifice on the cross, so we are changed fully
  2. May we constantly be in that place, Holy Spirit, where we are sensitive to your conviction in our hearts each time we fall short of your standards and so immediately repent
  3. Holy Spirit, convict now those who attend church services but do not appreciate of seriousness of sin, so that they may know the spiritual blessings that flow from true repentance
  4. Cause us to be in that place of right relationship with you, O Lord, where we radiate the joy of the Lord to all around us, no matter what our outward circumstances may be
  5. For any of your people who feel burdened and heavy ladened at this time, help them experience the joy of the Holy Spirit, we pray

5th – Nehemiah 8:13-17 Godly celebrations

  1. Each time we meet together to celebrate as a company of believers on Sundays or mid-week, in large or small groups, may the joy of the Lord lift our spirits above any adverse circumstance
  2. In our celebrations throughout the year help us to keep them godly, never slipping into worldly ways of celebration, we pray
  3. Give us the wisdom to follow your instructions, O God, to plan into our weekly schedule, appropriate times of rest
  4. We pray you would help all amongst us who are under pressure because of finances and are working long hours as a result,
  5. to find rest, O Lord
  6. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that the greatest cause for us to celebrate is not in what we possess but in who we are in Christ

6th – Nehemiah 8:18 Daily devotions

  1. As we wait on you in prayer and through reading your Word each day, O Lord, may we experience a conscious spiritual growth and a new boldness to live daily for Jesus
  2. Holy Spirit, as we read a portion of your Word daily, bring us insight and understanding with new revelations each day, we pray
  3. Help us to keep our priorities correct, O Lord, so that our time of personal daily devotions are never overlooked
  4. Holy Spirit, help us to pray, guiding our thoughts, our intercession and every prayer we bring to you
  5. We pray that each family in the church would have the wisdom to conduct daily devotions together and experience closer bonds between them as a result

7th – Nehemiah 9:1-4 Separation

  1. Holy Spirit convict us of anything we are currently doing that is unpleasing to you and help us to separate ourselves from it
  2. If there is anything in our possession that is unpleasing to you Holy Spirit, convict our hearts so that we may remove it, we pray
  3. If there are people we are keeping company with whom it would be wiser not to do so, show us Holy Spirit, we pray
  4. Help us to be people who are spiritually strong enough to be able to influence the unsaved for good, without being negatively influenced by them
  5. Keep us, O Lord, from giving in to any temptations we face in this world

8th – Nehemiah 9:5-8 The Almighty God

  1. In our times of trial help us never to forget, O God, that you are Almighty, so we remain strong
  2. Help us to remember that you are the One who never changes and remain the God of miracles and the God of the impossible
  3. Whenever we feel discouraged, O Lord, lift our eyes to see and understand your awesome power and majesty, and so cause our spirits to be lifted
  4. When we see the ungodliness and sinfulness that is all around us, cause us to remember that you alone, O God are omnipotent and remain totally in control
  5. As we remember the Bible prophecies that tell us how this world will end with the glorious reign of Christ and evil defeated, keep our eyes on you, O God

9th – Nehemiah 9:9-12 The God of miracles

  1. Give us the faith that never doubts you, O Lord, but enables you to use us to achieve extraordinary things on a daily basis
  2. Give us the faith that remembers that as the God of miracles you are able to do all things, in the world, in the church and in our individual lives
  3. Lord, release faith amongst us in the church so that we may be a people for whom miracles are normal and not unusual
  4. Give us open and believing hearts, O God, so that we may see you performing miracles though us in all sorts of situations
  5. For any of us now seeking you for something significant or extraordinary in our lives, O Lord, help us to release the believing faith to see it accomplished

10th – Nehemiah 9:13-18 The God of mercy

  1. Restore once again to the consciousness of our nation which has focussed solely on materialism and secularism, the vital importance of the place of Jesus in our national life
  2. Have mercy on your church in this nation O Lord, that has remained docile and ineffective over the years and infuse it with new life, we pray
  3. Have mercy on our nation that spurns your commands, O Lord, and bring revival, we pray
  4. Have mercy on our nation’s leaders, O Lord, who over the years have passed ungodly laws and bring a total change of heart and mind in those who govern us
  5. Hear the cries of your church and move in sovereign power across this land once more, Holy Spirit

11th – Nehemiah 9:19-25 The God of physical provision

  1. Teach us to have the faith to believe your Word which teaches us to give to you, O Lord, knowing that as we give it will be given to us
  2. Heavenly Father give us this day and each day our daily needs, we pray
  3. For all among us who are struggling financially at this time, as they seek first your kingdom and righteousness add to them all they need, O Lord
  4. For all those among us seeking employment or who are setting up their own businesses, show yourself as the Great Provider, O God
  5. We pray for the church, O Lord, that you would provide every financial and physical need that will enable your work to progress without hindrance

12th – Nehemiah 9:26-31 Backsliding

  1. Cause us to respond to your promptings, Holy Spirit, whenever our feet start to stray to the left or the right
  2. Give us the wisdom, O God, not to give the devil any foothold in our lives
  3. Help us to remain accountable to one another so that we do not slowly drift away from you, O Lord
  4. We pray that you would enable strong relationships and personal accountability to be forged among all who attend our discipleship cells
  5. If we feel we are slipping back at this time, O Lord, give us the strength and determination to stop and return to you wholeheartedly

13th – Nehemiah 9:32-37 Walking in defeat because of sin

  1. Teach us to remember, O Lord, that when we sin it causes us to be defeated
  2. Open our eyes to spiritual truths, O God, so that we are not blinded by the enemy
  3. If things are not going well in our lives at present, cause us to examine our lives, O Lord, to see if there is anything we need to change
  4. When we sin, O God, cause us to confess it immediately, since you are faithful and just and will forgive us and purify us from all unrighteousness
  5. Help us to rise up as the mighty army of God, able to overcome every strategy of the powers of darkness, we pray

14th – Nehemiah 9:38 Commitment to God’s ways

  1. Lord, we re-consecrate every part of our lives to you today, laying down our all for your service
  2. We offer up our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to you, O God, as our spiritual act of worship
  3. Lord, we resolve no longer to conform to the pattern of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds
  4. Take our life, our lips, our hands and our minds, O Lord, and let them be wholly consecrated to you
  5. As the deer pants after water may our souls continually be thirsting after you, our Living God

15th – Nehemiah 10:1-27 Signing up to living God’s way

  1. Teach us the reality of the scripture which says, ‘I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me’
  2. Teach us not to be half-hearted in following you, O Lord, but to be wholeheartedly sold out for Christ
  3. Since we have decided to follow Jesus, we commit ourselves to never turning back
  4. May our lives be lived not for ourselves but only for your glory, our God
  5. We surrender all to you, O Lord

16th – Nehemiah 10:28-31 Not being unequally yoked

  1. Since you have set us free from sin by your death and resurrection give us the wisdom to remain free from anything that would hinder our freedom in Christ
  2. Give us the insight and the wisdom not to yoke ourselves together with unbelievers who will cause us to compromise in any way at all, we pray
  3. For all amongst us who are looking for husbands or wives, provide godly spouses for them, O Lord and not unbelievers who will hinder their spiritual growth and lives
  4. Give us wisdom in our daily affairs in business and employment, O God, so that we do not enter into questionable dealings with unbelievers
  5. If we are already in unwise partnerships or agreements, O Lord, give us a way to break free that is honourable but decisive, we pray

17th – Nehemiah 10:32-36 Commitment to paying tithes

  1. Give us generous hearts, O Lord, so that we do not rob ourselves of the blessings that flow from giving to you
  2. Help us to have the faith to believe that as we give to you, O Lord, you will not leave us in need
  3. Deliver us from the spirit of stinginess, O God,
  4. Help us to remember that you are the Almighty God, so that we do not treat you like a waiter in a restaurant – merely giving you tips
  5. O God, cause us to remember your Word that says we shall be head and not the tail, if we remain obedient to you

18th – Nehemiah 10:37-39 Not neglecting the house of God

  1. Give each of us a heart which is always looking to see what we can do that blesses and helps your work, O God
  2. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that it is not for the world to maintain the ministries and the place of worship of our God, but for us, your people
  3. For those of us who have the finances to be able to do so, prompt our hearts to give over and above our tithes, we pray
  4. Help us to remember that we are the church, O God, and that we are here to seek how we can give before seeking to receive
  5. Teach us, Holy Spirit, that the things of this world are temporary but the things of God are eternal, so that we always get our priorities right

19th – Nehemiah 11:1-19 Standing up for God

  1. Help us stand up for you, Lord Jesus, amongst our family members,
  2. Help us stand up for you, Lord Jesus, amongst our neighbours and all we meet during the course of a day
  3. Amongst our school, college or work colleagues, help us always to make a stand for Jesus, using wisdom and tact
  4. In all our leisure and recreational activities, may we never let down our guard but always maintain godly standards
  5. Help us build every part of our lives solidly upon the words of Jesus, like the man building his house upon the rock

20th – Nehemiah 11:20-23 Prayer and worship in God’s house

  1. Cause us always to be a praying people, O Lord, both as individuals and as a church
  2. Cause our prayer meetings to be overflowing with people who believe earnestly in the importance and power of prayer so we see mountains moved, we pray
  3. Wake us up O God, so that every one of us in your church, has a spiritual insight into the necessity, priority and power of prayer
  4. As we collectively worship you, O Lord, cause our worship to transcend the mundane so we glorify you and put all powers of darkness to flight
  5. Raise up more and more anointed singers and musicians who can point us to you and lead us into your presence, O Lord

21st – Nehemiah 11:24-36 Possessing the Land

  1. In Jesus’ name we take authority over every power of darkness that seeks to inhibit the growth of our church and command them to leave this vicinity
  2. We take authority over ever evil spirit that has influence in the neighbourhood of this church and bind your powers to keep the unsaved people in spiritual darkness
  3. We take authority over every power of darkness that is blinding the eyes of our unsaved family members, friends and colleagues and command them to be loosed
  4. In Jesus’ name we take authority over and bind every evil spirit in our neighbourhood that is resisting revival
  5. Lord, as we pray that we will see a great move of your Spirit, prepare us in every way as channels whom you can use for your glory

22nd – Nehemiah 12:1-11 Praying for church leaders

  1. Lord, we pray that you would give all our pastors and elders the spiritual discernment and wisdom they need as they lead and minister in the church
  2. We pray that you would speak to them and that they would know your leading and direction for the church at all times
  3. We pray that you would help them excel in all the areas of ministry you have called them to
  4. We pray that you would guard them in every area of their lives from every attack of the enemy
  5. We pray you would uphold and strengthen their wives, husbands and families to accomplish all you desire them to do

23rd – Nehemiah 12:12-26 Praying for other leaders

  1. We pray that you would help all our discipleship cell leaders as they provide this important leadership in the groups they care for
  2. We pray that you would give all those who lead and minister to the youth in the church wisdom, insight, courage and patience in all they do, O Lord
  3. We pray that you would guide and help all who lead and minister in the children’s ministries as they deposit the eternal truths of God’s Word into these young lives
  4. We pray that you would watch over, help and keep every departmental leader in the church as they fulfil every aspect of their ministry for you
  5. As they are devoted to ministering to others, O Lord, we pray that you would bless and minister in every way to the families of all leaders in the church

24th – Nehemiah 12:27-30 Purity before the Lord

  1. May we not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers but rather delight in the law of our God, we pray
  2. May our motives always be pure, O Lord, and not tainted with selfishness or sinfulness
  3. Help us to guard our thoughts, O Lord so that whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable, we think about these things
  4. Guard our hands from wrongdoing, O Lord and our lips from falsehood and malicious words
  5. Teach us to love with the same ‘agape’ love that you demonstrate towards us, O God

25th – Nehemiah 12:31-37 The musicians in God’s house

  1. Cause our musicians to always come into your presence anointed by you, O Lord
  2. May our worship be pleasing and acceptable to you, O God, as our act of spiritual


  1. May our worship be so pleasing a sound to you, O Lord that it comes up as like the fragrant incense before the Holy of holies
  2. Give our musicians not merely technical skills to play but an ability to be led of the Spirit in worship
  3. As we come to you in worship, help us to be filled with the Spirit speaking to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord

26th – Nehemiah 12:38-43 Spiritual sacrifices of praise

  1. Enable us to praise you, O Lord, even when we do not naturally feel like it, knowing that as we do so our spirits will be raised
  2. Lord, may all our prayers be led of your Spirit so that they are spiritual sacrifices acceptable to you
  3. Lord, may our praise and worship be led of your Spirit so that they are spiritual sacrifices acceptable to you
  4. May all our actions be such that they are spiritual sacrifices acceptable to you, O God
  5. May our joy in the Lord and the songs in our hearts be a testimony to those who do not know you of what they are missing

27th – Nehemiah 12:44-47 Faithful trustees of finance

  1. Help us use our finances wisely, O Lord
  2. Help us to realise, O God, that all we own is given by you, so that we hold on to our possessions only lightly, trusting in you and not in them
  3. Help us always to be careful, honest and faithful in all our dealings with money, we pray
  4. Bless those in the church who faithfully count, and give an account for, all the finances of the church, we pray
  5. Give us wisdom, guidance and direction, Holy Spirit, in how the church uses the finances entrusted to it, we pray

28th – Nehemiah 13:1-14 No compromise

  1. In all our dealings in our places of work, give us the wisdom and discernment that keeps us from compromising our faith
  2. Help us not to have one standard for church and another standard away from church but always to consistently maintain our standards for Jesus
  3. Even if we say nothing, may those around us be aware that we are different because we never compromise our standards to conform with godly ways
  4. Keep us from being lazy, O Lord, when it comes to prayer, reading your Word and ministering for you, but rather to be sold out for Jesus
  5. Keep us from making excuses, O God, that always find reasons why we should not be fully committed to serving you

29th – Nehemiah 13:15-22 God before money

  1. May we never put the seeking after money before the seeking after you, O God
  2. Teach us, O Lord, that godliness with contentment is great gain
  3. Teach us all, O God, the secret of being content in every situation whether living in plenty or in want
  4. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that you are a God who will meet all our needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus
  5. Cause us to know the joy that comes through experiencing that is more blessed to give than to receive

30th – Nehemiah 13:23-30 Righteous anger

  1. Teach us, O Lord, how to avoid the anger that is selfish and therefore wrong
  2. Holy Spirit, help us to learn self control which is part of the fruit of the Spirit, we pray
  3. May we learn how to hate sin and its practices, O Lord
  4. Give us a righteous anger against sin, O God, that causes us to rise up and seek to bring godly change through righteous ways
  5. May a righteous anger arise within us that prompts us to intercede, bind powers of darkness, evangelise and see many be brought out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light


Prayer Diary for May 2017

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Praying for a backslidden Nation

 Micah Chapters 1-7

Prayer Diary May 2017

Israel had reached its zenith of power and influence under King David. The slow decline began after David’s sin regarding Bathsheba, behind the scenes during Solomon’s reign and then openly after Solomon’s death when the kingdom divided in two, becoming Israel and Judah. With the exception of a few godly kings of Judah, the kings of the divided nation forsook the Lord and embraced the shameful practices of the gods of the surrounding nations.

Both Israel and Judah had become corrupt, refusing to listen to prophesies sent by God to warn them of the great impending disaster that was coming their way if they did not repent and turn back from evil. Instead they listened to false prophets who filled their ears with what they wanted to hear, saying no harm would come to the nation. As the two kingdoms seemed to be doing comparatively well economically they were lulled into a false sense of security.

God sent his own true prophets one after another to warn them of the consequences of breaking their covenant with him made back in the time of Moses. Micah confronted the two backslidden kingdoms without compromise. God was getting ready to visit judgment on both Israel and Judah. God had treated them compassionately and fairly but they did not want to live by his just ways. Instead violence and corruption filled the land, their priests corrupt, they were walking in the ways of King Ahab and his wicked queen Jezebel, practising oppression, witchcraft and sacrificing children.

By contrast, “He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly before your God” Micah 6:8. Even yet it was not too late because, “Who is a pardoning God like you, who pardons sins and forgives transgression…” Micah 7:18. But they would have none of it and God’s judgment finally fell; Israel was exiled to Assyria and Judah to Babylon. But that was not the final word. God would bring back a remnant and he would send a divine Saviour, born in Bethlem.

As we pray through Micah’s prophecies we are interceding for our nation that is likewise rushing headlong to judgment. Outward prosperity is no gauge of God’s approval, as both Israel and Judah discovered before their downfall. Our nation has forsaken God but there is still a final opportunity for repentance. Intercessors such as you stand between God and our nation.

1st – Micah 1:1-2 God’s case against earth’s inhabitants

  1. As you demonstrate your presence and ways through your creation, your Word, your people and by your Spirit cause unbelievers to listen and respond to you
  2. Help us to understand the depth of your hatred for sin and its consequences in the world, but also may our understanding of your love move us to compassion for the lost
  3. As you speak through earthquake, unnatural winds and storms, cause them to shake many people into turning to you
  4. O Lord, since your Word tells us that there will be an increase in natural disasters as your coming grows nearer, stir your people to evangelise in these last days
  5. O God, though you are a God of justice have mercy on the rebellion of mankind and send revivals around the world

2nd – Micah 1:3-7 Idolatry and God’s judgment

  1. O Lord, in a society that is full of idolatry, give us an understanding of the scope of its wickedness so we can be moved to intercession and action
  2. May our knowledge of the certainty of the Day of Judgment, move us into action to serve you on a daily basis
  3. Keep us from all compromise with a world that has rejected your values and your morality and help us in temptation
  4. Teach us to number our days and live in the realisation that the days of this fallen world’s system are numbered
  5. Before the Day of your coming, Lord Jesus, cause your Holy Spirit to move in the nations in saving power, we pray

3rd – Micah 1:8-11 Weeping and intercession

  1. Move us O God, that we may be moved to reach the lost
  2. O Lord, cause us to be moved with compassion towards those who, if not saved, will know only eternal judgment as they die in their sins
  3. Raise up amongst us more and more intercessors with a passion to pull down spiritual strongholds through the power of intercessory prayer
  4. Help us not to be like the church at Laodicia, which was outwardly rich but spiritually wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked
  5. Cause us, O Lord, to be like the church in Philadelphia which kept your Word, did not deny your Name and to whom you gave an open door of revival that no-one could shut

4th – Micah 1:12-16 Impending disaster

  1. Impress upon your church, O God, that the increase in natural disasters are the ‘birth pains’ leading to the coming Kingdom of Christ on earth and let your church rise up and act
  2. Let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth, Lord Jesus, but in the short time still left may many find you as Saviour and Lord
  3. Holy Spirit cause revival in our church and all the churches in our city
  4. Send your revival, O God, to our nation, touching every hamlet, village, town and city in the British Isles
  5. Move across the face of the entire earth, O Lord, causing men and women from every ethnic group and nation to turn to you in ever-increasing numbers

5th – Micah 2:1 The plotting of evil

  1. We pray you would thwart the actions of all those in our nation who seek to influence our members of Parliament to pass ungodly laws, O God
  2. Have mercy on all those who have no regard for the sanctity of life, which is made in your image, O God, and turn the tide against the practice of abortion
  3. We pray for our local streets, that you would move upon those who practise violence there and change them by their turning to you, O Lord
  4. We pray for our local streets, that you would touch and radically change the lives of all those who are addicted to drugs and those who deal them
  5. We pray that all the youths who are on the streets because they have been excluded would find a purpose for life by a life-changing encounter with the living Christ

6th – Micah 2:2 Greed and coveting

  1. Forgive all the idolatry that goes on in our society and cause the hunger and thirst for material things to be replaced by a hunger and thirst for true, spiritual wealth
  2. Have mercy on our businesses and corporations that put the making of profit over and above a day of rest and worship on Sundays and change our nation, O Lord
  3. Have mercy on our nation, O Lord, for being a people obsessed with materialism and the acquisition of things
  4. Have mercy on our nation as our Parliament seeks to invent a new ‘morality’ that runs contrary to Biblical values
  5. Save us as a nation, O Lord, from the consequences of our sinful lifestyles, by breathing afresh on us by your Holy Spirit

7th – Micah 2:3-5 God’s judgment

  1. We have turned our backs on faithfulness and the covenant of marriage and are reaping a harvest of broken hearts and fatherless children; save us O God, from our folly
  2. As a nation we have sown sexual sin and are now reaping the harvest of sexually transmitted diseases; have mercy and turn the nation back to you, O Lord
  3. Since we are reaping the harvest of broken relationships, have mercy and heal our broken society
  4. We have forsaken your ways and are reaping a harvest of lawlessness and disrespect for all forms of authority; forgive our nation and save us O Lord
  5. We destroy our unborn children by the hundreds of thousands each year; O God have mercy on our nation before your judgment falls

8th – Micah 2:6-11 True and false prophets

  1. Keep your people from compromise with every seductive doctrine of our society’s ‘new morality’ that runs contrary to the revealed Word of God
  2. We pray the voices of all church leaders who are in positions of influence may rise up clearly and boldly to declare the ways and Word of the Lord
  3. Holy Spirit, sweep through our churches and our nation, empowering all those who witness and preach the truth of your Word
  4. As our society seeks increasingly to marginalise and silence the true gospel of Jesus Christ, cause your people to rise up to speak out more and more boldly for Christ
  5. Cause your church up and down the land to speak with one voice in declaring uncompromisingly the righteous ways of the gospel of Jesus Christ

9th – Micah 2:12-13 God’s true flock

  1. Lord, since you know all who will respond to the gospel, in our time, cause there to be a mighty drawing into your Kingdom of vast numbers of men and women
  2. Lord Jesus you came to seek and save those who are lost, so help your church to mobilise to witness to the lost in our society and see them come to Christ
  3. Cause us to have an undivided mind and passion to seek and see the lost saved
  4. May we take your Word at its face value and move in the same power and effectiveness as the church in the book of Acts
  5. Help us to draw a distinct line over which we will not cross when it comes to the sinful practices of the society in which we live

10th – Micah 3:1-3 Justice

  1. Have mercy on our nation when what you call ‘evil’ is now called ‘good’ and what you call ‘good’ is now called ‘evil’
  2. Bring justice to our unborn, O Lord, whose lives are sacrificed on the altar of sexual permissiveness
  3. Help our older members of society whose lives are under threat by the pressure to legalise euthanasia and cause this threat to be defeated
  4. Have mercy on our nation, O Lord, for taking and experimenting on human embryos capable of becoming men and women made in your image
  5. Draw close to all the weak and vulnerable in our society, O God, and may they know your love and protection

11th – Micah 3:4 Crying out to the Lord

  1. As Moses stood in the gap and you heard him, saving the nation, so now we stand in the gap on behalf of our nation asking you to save our nation from its sin, O God
  2. As a church we cry out to you, our God, to forgive our sin, our lack of passion for you and for the lost and to rekindle the fires of evangelism within us
  3. Holy Spirit, sweep through your church, renewing, refining and emboldening us to overcome the plans and devices of the Evil One and to see his kingdom of darkness in retreat
  4. As a church we cry out to you O God, to have mercy on our ungodly and rebellious nation so that you would have mercy and turn them back to you
  5. So often men and women will only turn to you in times of deepest trouble, O Lord, but even then have mercy and save those who do not know you

12th – Micah 3:8 Spirit-filled

  1. Fill us with your power, O God, to be witnesses wherever we are
  2. Fill us with your power to boldly speak out and live out the life of Christ in righteousness and yet with compassion for those who lives are lost in sin
  3. Fill us with your power, O Lord, to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to see people saved, healed and delivered
  4. Fill us with your Spirit so that we may always be able to discern in every situation, right from wrong and good from evil
  5. Fill us this day with a fresh infilling of your Holy Spirit, O Lord, the consequences and effects of which flow out to all around us

13th – Micah 3:9-12 Corruption

  1. Root out, expose, bring to repentance and forgive any corruption in your church, O Lord
  2. Lord, root out and expose any corruption in the corporations with whom we must do business
  3. Root out and expose any corruption in those who govern us nationally, O God
  4. Root out and expose any corruption in those who govern us locally
  5. Lord, root out and expose any corruption in government agencies that have power and influence

14th – Micah 4:1-2 The Lord’s return

  1. Just as your first coming was certain, Lord Jesus, teach us to live in the light of the certainty of your soon return
  2. Lord, let you Kingdom reign daily in each of our hearts, minds, thoughts and actions
  3. Let your Kingdom come to our families, friends, neighbours and work colleagues who do not yet know you as Savour and Lord
  4. Let your Kingdom begin to impact on our institutions of government, business, media and corporations as your people rise up in influence
  5. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

15th – Micah 4:3-5 The Lord rules

  1. Be Lord of every part of our lives as individuals and as a church, we pray
  2. Cause the thought of the sure and certain promise of your physical return to earth in power to continually be our encouragement through good and difficult circumstances
  3. Lord, we long for the day when your righteous rule will be exercised over all the earth, so help us continually work towards that goal
  4. Let your people rise up in our generation O God, and bring the changes to our society that will be pleasing to you
  5. Let your sense of justice fill our minds and understanding and be lived out in all we say and do, O Lord

16th – Micah 4:6-8 The Lord’s people reign with him

  1. Reign in our hearts, Lord Jesus, and be seen in us constantly
  2. Help us to remember that one day we will reign with you in your Kingdom, O Lord and keep our minds fixed on being faithful in our service to you now
  3. Cause us to recognise the talents you have given to each of us now and not to bury them but to use them profitably for you
  4. Help us to be faithful to you and your work in our lifetimes here on earth, Lord Jesus, and so be prepared to reign with you in your Kingdom when you return
  5. Give us a heart to serve you for who you are and what you have done for us and for no other reward except hearing you say, ‘Well done good and faithful servant’

17th – Micah 4:9-10 The Lord rescues his people

  1. We pray you would strengthen and help to be strong all those we know who are suffering any form of persecution because they belong to you, O Lord
  2. We pray you would sustain in their sufferings all your people who are suffering persecution in those countries where the governments are hostile to Christ
  3. We pray you would rescue all your people who are persecuted in those countries whose religion is hostile to Christ
  4. We pray you would strengthen in their trials those who are persecuted because they have converted to following Christ from another religion
  5. Lord, for each of us who may be suffering for one reason or other and are calling to you for help, hear the prayers of your children

18th –Micah 4:11-13 The nations who reject the Lord

  1. We pray you would cause the spiritual vacuum in the hearts of the people of the nations whose governments preach secular humanism to be filled with Christ
  2. We pray for the spiritual emptiness at the heart of our own nation, O God and ask you would cause the people to grow tired of this empty way of life and seek you
  3. Holy Spirit, move mightily with revival through the populations of those nations whose governments practice a religious faith that is hostile to Christ
  4. We pray for all authorities who practice a political correctness that is in reality a hostility to the preaching of the gospel and cause your Word to be preached in power and authority despite such hostility
  5. Forgive, have mercy on and save all those people and nations that are openly enemies of Christ and the gospel, O Lord

19th – Micah 5:1-2 Christ rules

  1. Because your prophetic word is always true and accurate, O Lord, may it always move us to action
  2. Just as you, Lord Jesus, were prepared to give up your divine glory for the time you spent on this earth, may we also be prepared to sacrifice all for your sake
  3. Help us understand the all-encompassing nature of your power and might, Lord Jesus, so we may go boldly in your name with the gospel
  4. Help us to remember that when we are weak, in Christ we are strong
  5. Since your prophetic word concerning the first coming of Christ was fulfilled and so too will that concerning your second coming, help us to live faithfully as we wait and labour

20th – Micah 5:3-5 Christ our peace

  1. We now pray for the peace of Jerusalem, just as your Word encourages us to do, O Lord,
  2. We pray that those who live in the land if Israel, both Jew and Arab, may know the moving of the Holy Spirit and come to faith in Christ
  3. Holy Spirit, we pray that in all the nations that surround Israel you would cause many to find faith in Christ
  4. We pray that we may be able to share the gospel with others today and lead them into the same salvation and peace with God we have experienced through Christ
  5. May the peace of God which transcends all understanding, guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus this day and every day

21st – Micah 5:6-8 God and the Assyrians

  1. We pray for the ancient land of Assyria, which is now called Iraq, thanking you for the many Iraqis being saved and ask you would save many more
  2. We pray for your church in Iraq, O Lord, who are suffering at this time, help and protect them, meeting all their needs
  3. Continue to appear to non-christian Iraqis in dreams, revealing yourself as their Saviour, Lord Jesus
  4. We pray you would use the christian satellite T.V. programmes that are beamed into Iraq daily in Arabic to bring many more of them to a saving faith in Christ
  5. Have mercy on the country of Iraq, O Lord, save them out of the trials and turn the nation to you

22nd – Micah 5:9-12 Witchcraft destroyed

  1. Cause us to be very careful not to break your First and Second Commandments which make clear your utter hatred of idolatry and witchcraft
  2. Open the eyes of your people in our country to the reality of and the increase in witchcraft in our own nation
  3. Forgive any of your people we know, O Lord, who have had dealings with the occult in any of its forms and set us free of its lasting influence
  4. Forgive and change, O Lord, any of your people who consult psychic lines, read their ‘stars’, have their fortunes told or have any other dealings with mediums
  5. We take authority over any curses spoken over us or placed upon us and break them now in the Name of Jesus

23rd – Micah 5:13-15 Idolatry destroyed

  1. If we have any idols in our lives, anything or anyone that we worship more than you, reveal it to us and help us to get rid of them immediately, O Lord
  2. When we love an activity more than we love you, O Lord, forgive us and change our hearts
  3. When our hearts are more focussed on acquiring things more than growing closer to you, O God, forgive and help us
  4. When we love a pastime or hobby more than our Creator, forgive and change us O Lord
  5. O God, for our own nation that worships many things rather than you, pull down its idols and turn our nation back to you

24th – Micah 6:1-5 Rebellion against the Lord

  1. Forgive your church which has sat back in silence whilst the godly laws of our country have been dismantled and cause your church to rise up in power and influence we pray
  2. Lord, because you have blessed our nation in many ways, forgive us for turning our backs on you in this generation
  3. Forgive and change us, O God, because for centuries the laws of our country have been based on your commandments but now we have turned away from you
  4. We pray for all those church leaders and other believers in positions of authority whom the media take notice of, to rise up boldly speaking out for the values of Christ
  5. We pray that you would give all your people who work in both Houses of Parliament as M.P.s, Lords, Ladies or others a godly influence beyond their numbers

25th – Micah 6:6-8 Walk humbly with your God

  1. Cause our sacrifices to be our humble and contrite hearts, which are of much value in your sight, O Lord
  2. Cause us to be people who are obedient to your ways and to the prompting of you, Holy Spirit because your Word says it is better to obey than to sacrifice
  3. Give us merciful hearts that are filled with compassion for the destiny of the unsaved and cause us to be effective witnesses for Jesus
  4. Give us spiritual fruit from our labours as we witness in our workplaces, on the streets, to our friends and neighbours, O Lord
  5. Lord, teach us the secret of walking humbly before you in order that your strength and power may flow in and through us

26th – Micah 6:9-15 Heed God’s rod of correction

  1. O Lord, give us the maturity to understand the benefit of your times of discipline that you design for us to help us grow stronger
  2. Help us to recognise when you are acting towards us in discipline, so that we may take heed, learn and grow in you, O God
  3. If we are stubbornly walking in a way that is unpleasing to you and are suffering as a result, cause us to yield to your correction
  4. In all things, may your will, not ours be done, Heavenly Father
  5. Lord we surrender our all to you to do with our lives that which brings you the most glory

27th – Micah 6:10-16 God’s anger at sin

  1. Have mercy and forgive us, O God because as a nation we are observing ‘the statutes of Omri and the practices of Ahab’
  2. May we never forget that although you are a God of love, you are also a God of righteousness and justice who must punish sin
  3. Hear the cries of all your intercessors up and down the length and breadth of this country, O God, and turn our hearts back to you
  4. Cause us to be a nation like those of the city of Nineveh who listened to the preaching of Jonah and were saved
  5. Send your Spirit in revival to our nation, O Lord before you have to move in judgment upon us

28th – Micah 7:1-7 Watching in hope for the Lord

  1. Just as you have saved this nation by revival when it has reached its darkest spiritual moments in times past, do so again in our time, O God
  2. O God, cause your church to give you no rest in intercessory prayer until we see the tide of evil in our nation turned back
  3. Turn the inhabitants of England back to you, O God
  4. Turn the inhabitants of Scotland back to you, O God
  5. Turn the inhabitants of Wales and Ireland back to you O God

29th – Micah 7:8-13 Seeing the Lord’s righteousness

  1. As we look at the spiritual darkness of our nation, cause us never to stop believing and praying for the time you will turn this nation around, O Lord
  2. Revive your church in every village, town, and city in this nation, O God
  3. Revive every part of the Anglican church, saving many
  4. Send your Holy Spirit through every catholic church, saving many
  5. Revive every Baptist church with a fresh touch of your Holy Spirit

30th – Micah 7:14-17 Turning to God

  1. Sweep through every evangelical church in revival power, O Lord
  2. Revive every Methodist church and return them to the fervour of the days of their founder John Wesley, O God
  3. Let every independent church know a new breath of the Holy Spirit in their congregations in revival power
  4. Let every charismatic and Pentecostal church become truly transformed, fully filled and overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit in revival
  5. Send revival to our congregation, O Lord, with the streams of living water from the presence of your Holy Spirit

31st - Micah 7:18-20 A pardoning God

  1. Who is a pardoning God like you? We cry for mercy on your church for being weak when we should have been strong
  2. Lord, you are a God who forgives sins, so again we cry to you to forgive the sins of our nation and cause it to change
  3. You will have compassion on this nation once again, O Lord so let us see you do so in our time and in our generation
  4. Raise up godly leaders in this nation in every area of life, in government, in churches, in institutions, in business, everywhere
  5. Save our nation not because of who we are because we do not deserve it, but because of who you are, a merciful, pardoning God


Prayer Diary for June 2017

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

God’s heart for the salvation of the lost

Jonah Chapters 1-4

Prayer Diary June 2017

The book of Jonah reveals how compassionate the heart of God is and the extent he will go to give the lost the opportunity to repent and be saved.

Jonah did not receive the commission by God to go and preach to the Ninevites with much enthusiasm or joy. The people of Nineveh were a fierce and cruel people who were destined to dominate the surrounding countries, including Israel, through war. As a prophet Jonah knew this and fought hard against God’s will to give these people the opportunity to hear the message of God. He did not think they deserved God’s love and compassion.

So he fled by ship in the opposite direction hoping to avoid giving the Ninevites the opportunity God was providing them. He was even prepared to die by drowning rather than let them hear the message of God, but did show his gratitude to God when the Lord arranged a great fish to swallow him and take him to vomit Jonah out on dry land.

This account reveals a number of things about God and his dealing with us and with people:

  1. No one is beyond the redemption of God if they genuinely repent and turn to him. Astonishingly a great revival took place as the whole of the city of Nineveh believed the message from God. There may be people we believe would never be the kind to give there their lives to Christ and yet they astonish us when they do. We speak and the Holy Spirit enables them to be saved.
  1. God was prepared to give his rebellious prophet a second chance. Why did God not choose to send another prophet to Nineveh instead, since Jonah was so unwilling? Maybe there are some things that only we alone and not another are able to accomplish in God’s plan. Perhaps God knew that if Jonah did not go, no one else could accomplish what Jonah eventually did. Each of us has a unique personality and lives in a unique set of circumstances, circle of family, friends and acquaintances. Maybe if we do not tell them, they would listen to no one else. Similarly, when God sent Moses to Pharaoh and Moses said someone else would do a better job, God did not waver. Only Moses was the man for the job.
  1. Despite his reluctance and disobedience, Jonah was recommissioned and he did what God wanted him to, enabling many thousands to get right with God. Not only that but Jesus used him as a prophetic picture of his own impending death and resurrection. As we pray this month we are seeking to catch the heart of God to willingly go and seek the lost and see amazing results.

1st – Jonah 1:1 The Word of the Lord came

  1. O God, open our ears that we may hear your prophetic word and act upon it
  2. Speak to us as individuals and may we be careful to obey all you say, O Lord
  3. Speak to us as a church to discern your voice and collectively act upon it
  4. Raise up in your church and in our nation those who will bring the prophetic voice of God in these immoral days
  5. Speak in the wind, in the earthquake, in the fire and through your still small voice, O God of all the earth

2nd – Jonah 1:2 Go…and preach

  1. Lord, give us the heart and compassion to go into all the world and preach the gospel
  2. Enable each day to give us opportunities to share Christ through Christlike behaviour and acts of compassion
  3. Give us opportunities each day to be able to share Christ through words of witness
  4. Help us not to leave the work to others but to each take up our personal responsibilities to be ambassadors for Christ
  5. Give us the right words at the right time, with the wisdom when to speak and when to be silent, O Lord

3rd – Jonah 1:2 …its wickedness has come up before me

  1. Have mercy on our city, O Lord, for all the wickedness that takes place in its boundaries and bring salvation
  2. Forgive our lawmakers who have steadily dismantled the righteous laws that were once based upon the Bible and change their hearts
  3. Move on those who rule over us O Lord, that they may return the laws of this nation once more back to the righteous ways of our God
  4. Forgive and have mercy on those in our city who scoff at your ways and who delight in rebelling against your revealed morality and convict them
  5. Help us to change O God, for you have said that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people

4th – Jonah 1:3 Running away from God

  1. When our instinct is to run from your Word, O Lord, arrest us by your Spirit and bring us to our senses
  2. For all the backsliders we know who are running from you, arrest them right now by your Holy Spirit and restore them to yourself
  3. If, as a church, we are in any sense avoiding what you would have us do, may we hear from you clearly, turn around and go in the direction you desire us to go
  4. If, as individuals we are out of your will right now because of wrong choices, convict our hearts cause us to repent and turn to you
  5. For every unbeliever we know who knows the truth of your Word in their heart but is deliberately suppressing it, save them, O God

5th – Jonah 1:4 Trials sent by God

  1. When trials come into our lives, O Lord, help us to discern and recognise those sent by the devil to trouble us and those sent by you to get our attention
  2. For any person we know experiencing trials sent by the powers of darkness, we take authority over those powers right now and rebuke them in Jesus’ Name
  3. For any of us who are experiencing trials at your hand O God, give us the wisdom to understand, trust you and learn all we need to from your loving discipline
  4. Give us the maturity not to run from God-sent hardships or to complain but rather to recognise that is how you help us grow spiritually
  5. Help us to thank you for the good times and the bad times and to trust you in both

6th – Jonah 1:5 Each cried out to his own god

  1. Have mercy on those we work with or live amongst who do not know the true God and save them, O Lord
  2. Bring a revelation of the saving power of Jesus Christ through the cross to all the Muslims in our city, we pray
  3. Cause Hindus in our city to know Jesus as the One and Only true Saviour and God
  4. We pray that the Buddhists in our city may they have a personal experience of the living person of the Risen Saviour Jesus Christ
  5. Show the Sikhs in our city the way of salvation through your grace by faith in Jesus Christ, we pray

7th – Jonah 1:6 Sleeping when God wants us awake

  1. O God, wake us up and cause us to be spiritually alert at all times
  2. Since the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, help us to be focussed and stay focussed on you and your will for our lives, O Lord
  3. We pray that every part of your church and every member be awake and alert to the movings and promptings of your Spirit
  4. Cause the sleeping giant that is your church city-wide, to experience a mighty arousing to rise up in the spiritual battle that is taking place all around us
  5. Revive your nation-wide church, O Lord and let us stand up strong for the cause of Christ

8th – Jonah 1:7-8 The lot fell on Jonah

  1. Lord help each of us to examine ourselves to see if we are a stumbling-block to your work in any way and cause us to repent and change
  2. Help us, O Lord to see the plank in our own eyes before we complain about the speck in our brother’s eye and help us to remove it
  3. May the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be pleasing in your sight O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer
  4. Search us O God, and know our hearts; know our thoughts and test us, so we may walk in all your ways
  5. O God, see if there is any offensive way in us, cause us to know and lead us in the way everlasting

9th – Jonah 1:9 Worship the Lord, God of all

  1. May we acknowledge you as the One and Only true God, Maker of heaven, land and sea by our obedience to you
  2. In the light of your awesome greatness and power forgive us and change us when we think we know better than you and do things our way
  3. May we worship you daily with clean hands and a pure heart, O sovereign Lord of all
  4. Cause us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices daily as our spiritual act of worship in ways that are holy and pleasing to you
  5. Have mercy on all those we know who trust in man’s knowledge and in science but who leave out the Creator of all that science reveals and save them

10th – Jonah 1:10-11 What should we do…?

  1. O Lord, forgive and help us when we have made unwise decisions because we have not asked you
  2. Lord, guide and direct our footsteps as we ask what you would have us do this day
  3. As a church we ask you to reveal to us what you would have us do now and what you would have us stop doing
  4. We bring before you now every important decision we need to take at this time and ask for your clear direction as to what choices to make
  5. For any of us who are at the point of desperation with regard to any matter which is currently very urgent in our lives, help us to know your will

11th – Jonah 1:12 I know it is my fault

  1. Lord, give us the grace to be able to see our own mistakes and failings without shifting the blame
  2. Give us the grace to seek you and ask your forgiveness when we get things wrong, forgiving ourselves also
  3. Help us, O Lord, to have the grace to apologise to others whom we have wronged and seek their forgiveness
  4. Help us O Lord, to forgive and release all those who have wronged us, whether they have apologised or not, so that unforgiveness may not hinder our prayers
  5. Help us to learn from our mistakes and failings, O God, so that we may be the better and the stronger after we are restored

12th – Jonah 1:13-15 Showing Compassion

  1. As the sailors sought to show compassion on the rebellious Jonah, may we also have compassionate hearts towards those who rebel against Jesus Christ
  2. In our compassion towards the lost who are going to a Christless eternity motivate us to earnestly pray for their salvation
  3. Give us compassion to witness to and seek to save, those who seek other gods, O Lord, since we know their destiny if they fail to accept Christ
  4. We lift up to you now our friends, neighbours and work colleagues who do not know you and ask, in your mercy, you would save them
  5. Give us a compassion for the sick and the courage to use our authority in Christ to command healing in the Name of Jesus

13th – Jonah 1:16-17 Fear of the Lord

  1. Lord, since your Word says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, teach us to have a reverential fear for you
  2. Give us a deep and true understanding of hell and of a Christless eternity, so that we may be moved with compassion for the lost
  3. May the fear of the Lord cause us to always want to walk in obedience, O God
  4. May the fear of the Lord cause us to seek you daily in prayer for spiritual renewal and refreshment from your Word
  5. May the fear of the Lord motivate us when things are going so well that we may forget you, or so badly that we may neglect you

14th – Jonah 2:1 Jonah prayed

  1. Lord teach us to pray passionately
  2. Lord, forgive us when we remember to pray only when we are in trouble, rather help us to be people who pray continually
  3. Help us to make full use of our privilege to come boldly before your throne of grace in prayer through the blood of Jesus
  4. Hear our prayer today, O Lord, as we lift up to you the deepest cries of our hearts
  5. As we seek you in prayer today, O God, may our hearts be filled afresh by the presence of your Holy Sprit and may we be filled with your joy, no matter our outward circumstances

15th – Jonah 2:2 He answered me

  1. Heavenly Father, as we thank you that you are a prayer-answering God, teach us to trust you so we can pray in confidence
  2. Make us a thankful people who give you thanks for every answer to prayer that we have experienced and worship you with grateful hearts
  3. Help us to be quick to testify to your grace each time we see you answer our prayers, so that you may have the glory and others may be encouraged
  4. For those we know who are really suffering and need your help at this time, hear and answer their cry, O Lord
  5. As our nation needs revival, hear our heartfelt cries, O God, and send revival in our land

16th – Jonah 2:3-4 God’s discipline

  1. Heavenly Father, cause us to remember your Word that says you discipline those you love, so we may not think our trials have come because you do not care
  2. Help us not to make light of your discipline or to lose heart when you rebuke us, but to be secure in your love
  3. Cause us to remember that although your discipline does not seem pleasant at the time, but painful, it is designed to produce a harvest of righteousness within us
  4. Enable us to remember in times of your discipline that although weeping may remain for a night, rejoicing comes in the morning
  5. In times of your discipline, O Lord, may you strengthen our tired arms and weak knees, so that we may grow in the strength of the Lord

17th – Jonah 2:5-6 God’s salvation

  1. As we remember that you have the words of eternal life and our every breath is dependant on your grace and mercy, O Lord, use us for your glory
  2. Cause us to work out our salvation daily through reverent fear and trembling, O God
  3. We pray for all our family members who have not called upon you as Saviour and Lord asking that you have mercy on them and save them
  4. For all our neighbours and friends who do not yet know you as Saviour, save them, we pray.
  5. For all our work colleagues who have not yet accepted you as their Saviour, have mercy on them and save them, O Lord

18th – Jonah 2:7-10 Keeping our vows

  1. O Sovereign Lord, may we not be careless in making promises we do not keep, but rather may our fear of the Lord cause always to keep our word
  2. Cause our ‘yes’ always to be ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ always be ‘no’ so that all people will know that we are men and women of integrity because we follow Jesus
  3. Remind us of the promises we have made to you in the past, O Lord and if we have not kept them forgive us as we repent now and recommit ourselves
  4. Remind us of the promises we have made to others that we have not kept so that we may do now what we have neglected to do
  5. As we thank you, O Lord, for being a God who always keeps his word cause us to find peace and security in your gracious promises

19th – Jonah 3:1-2 Proclaim the message

  1. As we thank you that you are the God of the second chance, we bring all our failings to you now and ask for your forgiveness
  2. Lord, give us a renewed boldness to take the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we go
  3. Give us a renewed infilling today, Holy Spirit, so that we may have power to be your witnesses in our Jerusalems, Judeas, Samarias and to the ends of the earth
  4. We pray that the fire of God would visit every pulpit in our area, city and nation and that the Word of God will be preached with the fire of the Holy Spirit
  5. Cause each of our ministers and church members to be anointed afresh with the fire of the Holy Spirit to speak the Word of God with power and anointing

20th – Jonah 3:3 Jonah obeyed

  1. O Lord, give us hearts that we are willing to submit to you in perfect obedience, that you may be able to use us according to your will
  2. Help us always to remember that in your eyes, O God, obedience is always better than sacrifice
  3. Help us to obey even when to do so is difficult or may cause us discomfort, trouble or the hostility of others
  4. We pray you would so put a spirit of obedience within your church that your perfect will may be done through us and all kinds of miracles can occur
  5. May we each be able to pray, ‘ Not my will but yours be done, O heavenly Father’

21st Jonah 3:4-5 The Ninevites believed God

  1. O God, help us to dispel all unbelief and to have total faith in you, your Word and your power to perform your promises
  2. Forgive us when we do not believe you to meet all our needs that you have promised to meet and change us when our hearts are hard, O Lord
  3. Help us, O God, to spend the time in prayer that will enable us to see the unsaved listen to our message of the gospel, to repent and be saved
  4. Give us the boldness to present the full truth of the gospel, both the love of God and the consequences of rejecting the mercy of a God of righteousness, holiness and justice
  5. Send your revival, O Sovereign Lord causing a wholesale turning in our nation of all those who are currently living lives that leave God out completely

22nd Jonah 3:6 Sackcloth and ashes

  1. O God, cause us to first humble ourselves before you as your church, so that we can seek your face on behalf of those who do not yet know you
  2. Have mercy and forgive us Lord, when, as a church, we have kept silent and allowed wickedness to overtake our land and make us active for you
  3. Forgive your church when it has preferred to remain in the church building, rather than going out to bring the gospel to the lost and now set each heart on fire
  4. Forgive us, O Lord, when we have preferred to minister only to one another to the neglect of the unsaved and give us a renewed heart for the lost
  5. Holy Spirit wash over us again and renew our spirit from within, making us more like Jesus with an undivided passion to do the will of the Father

23rd Jonah 3:7-9 Fasting

  1. Holy Spirit prompt us to fast when the occasion demands it and you require us to do so and may we respond obediently
  2. Lord, in our passion to see the lost saved motivate us to spend times in fasting as well as prayer enabling us to see you move in power
  3. As fasting helps us humble our souls before you, O God, help us to humble ourselves so that you may lift us up in due season
  4. For all those in the church who are constantly engaged in spiritual warfare and in the deliverance ministry, guard and keep them from every assault of the powers of darkness
  5. Help us to be able to say with Jesus, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work’

24th Jonah 3:10 God responds to repentance

  1. Since you are a God who has compassion on those who sincerely turn to you in sorrow for their sin, forgive our loved ones who do not yet know you
  2. Holy Spirit, cause all those who attend any of the meetings in our church to be convicted of sin and then to turn to God in full repentance
  3. We pray that as a congregation we may be so seeking the face of God that the conviction of sin would be upon any who come into our meetings
  4. We pray that we as individuals may remain so close to you, O Lord, that our words will bring a conviction of sin to those we speak to
  5. Again we cry for your mercy, O God, on our city and on our nation, that there would be a turning from sin and a turning to God

25th Jonah 4:1-2 Anger at God

  1. Lord forgive us when we have displayed anger towards you for it shows we believe we know better than you
  2. If any of us are harbouring any unconfessed anger or resentment against you, for any reason heavenly Father, we pray we may be able to release it right now
  3. When you do things we do not understand, O Lord, or when you do not act when we think you should, help us to respond with faith and trust and not anger and resentment
  4. Lord, give us a compassion as great and as wide as yours that will extend to all people no matter how unworthy we may judge them to be
  5. Lord, forgive all those who have acted like enemies towards us changing those who are christians and save them if they are not saved

26th Jonah 4:3-4 Suicidal thoughts

  1. Forgive those amongst us, O Lord, if there have been occasions when they have wished to die, instead of trusting in your unending love and wisdom for their lives
  2. We pray for all those who we know who, at this movement, may be seriously contemplating suicide asking you have mercy and save them
  3. For all those who attend our fellowship who may be in complete despair right now, help them and send us or another believer alongside them to encourage and comfort them
  4. For those we know who are struggling with mental stress and cannot think straight, help them and bring clarity of thought and mind, we pray
  5. We pray that you would give all our discipleship cell leaders the discernment and wisdom to know and help those who find their burden too heavy to carry

27th – Jonah 4:5 Waiting on God

  1. As we wait on you, Holy Spirit, speak to us clearly showing us your will
  2. In the busyness of our daily routines teach us the value of spending time daily in your presence, O Lord
  3. As we discipline our time to wait on you daily, O God, cause us to grow in the power of your Holy Spirit
  4. Give us prophetic words as we wait on you, O Lord
  5. Give us your spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit, as we wait on you, we ask

28th Jonah 4:6-9 God gives and God takes away

  1. Cause us to be always thankful, Heavenly Father, for all your provision for us daily
  2. For the things that we need today, whether physical, spiritual, emotional or financial, we pray you would meet our need and provide
  3. For those we know who are in need and we have the means to provide their needs, help us be your answer to their prayers
  4. When you take away from us things that we may want but are not beneficial to us, give us the grace to be grateful to you realising you do all things towards us out of love
  5. When we are in times of great need and our prayers are urgently coming up to you or when you have allowed something to be taken from us, help us to learn from the experience without anger

29th  Jonah 4:10 Wrong priorities

  1. Lord help us to think like you when our focus has become on ourselves and our desires more than on you and what you know are our priorities
  2. When we set our hearts on the wrong things, forgive us Lord and bring our minds and hearts back to you
  3. Keep our focus on eternal not temporary things that benefit our spiritual natures rather than just gratifying our carnal natures, O Lord
  4. Give us a growing maturity to know what is good and beneficial and what is not so, seeing through your eyes, O God
  5. Help us remain so close to you, O Lord, that we can indeed know the mind of Christ

30th Jonah 4:11 God’s concern for the city

  1. We pray for our capital city, London that you would have mercy on the millions of inhabitants and send a revival to the heart of our nation
  2. Have mercy and send revival to the cities Scotland’s Edinburgh and for Cardiff the capital of Wales, Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland
  3. For Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford, have mercy on these large cities and send revival to them, we pray
  4. For Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford and Cambridge, have mercy on their inhabitants and move in revival power O God
  5. For every city, town, village and hamlet in the British Isles, in your great mercy O Lord, bring the inhabitants to a place of repentance and turn them to yourself


Prayer Diary for July 2017

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Extracts from the Gospels

Emulating the Ministry of Jesus

Prayer Diary July 2017

Jesus came from heaven to earth for two reasons. First, to lay down his life on the cross as a sinless sacrifice for the sins of the world. Second, to reveal God to us through his words and lifestyle and as a model for us to follow. As he steps out to begin his ministry we can observe a number of important principles:

  1. God’s timing. Jesus did not begin his ministry until he was thirty years old. What had he been doing up until that time? He was working as a carpenter learning through experience what it is for humans to live in this world. With Joseph evidently having died earlier on, as the oldest sibling Jesus was no doubt providing for Mary’s large family. God always has a perfect timing and Jesus did not step out until the time was exactly right.
  1. As soon as Jesus began the work of God he was immediately confronted by Satan through temptations. The more earnestly we seek to do God’s work, the more we will be conscious of the spiritual battle we are in. The powers of darkness are content to leave us alone until we start to become a serious threat to Satan’s kingdom. But, like Jesus, we have God’s power within us to overcome every assault upon us.
  1. Jesus preached the message of God clearly and without compromise but with love. He would not water down his message to please the ears of his listeners.
  1. In order to be effective in his life’s work he found it necessary to spend time in prayer. Though he was often so busy with the crowds that he had no time to eat, he was never too busy to find the necessary time to pray – the source of his spiritual strength.
  1. He was led by the Holy Spirit. Though never ceasing to be God, he had chosen not to use his powers as God while here on earth. Instead he chose to be led by the Holy Spirit, doing only what the Father told him and using the same nine gifts of the Holy Spirit available to us. So he truly showed us an example to follow.

As we pray through the prayer points this month we are seeking to emulate all Jesus has modelled for us so we can be powerful and effective servants of God.

1st – Luke 3:1-6 Prepare the way of the Lord

  1. Lord, help us to prepare our hearts before you, removing all from our lives that is unhelpful
  2. Enable us to re-evaluate our lives to see what is beneficial and what is not beneficial to our spiritual walk with you, O God
  3. May our hearts be softened, open and ready to receive a fresh impartation from you, Holy Spirit, to change us
  4. Create in us a hunger and a thirst for the things of God that will enable us to become much more effective for Christ during our short stay on earth
  5. Use us, O Lord, to prepare your for coming, by enabling us to fulfil all your plans and purposes for our lives

2nd – Luke 3:7-9 Produce fruit in keeping with repentance

  1. May what we profess not merely be in words only, but may every part of our lives openly display the grace of God
  2. Help us to live for you in a Christlike way with our families, demonstrating your grace in full measure in our homes
  3. Cause us to be honest with ourselves when we are falling short of your standards, O Lord, and cause us to repent
  4. For those of us who are ‘Sunday’ christians only, have mercy and cause us to repent
  5. Forgive any time we have been acting hypocritically by not living for the Lord in keeping with the confession of our faith and cause us to change

3rd- Luke 3:10-14 Acting honestly

  1. Convict us when we sin, Holy Spirit, and give us the courage and grace to confess
  2. Whenever we are handling money, O Lord, may we be scrupulously honest
  3. In our places of work, O God, may we never take anything without permission nor take advantage of our employers
  4. Help us to be honest with our time in our places of work and give our full effort in accordance with the contracts of work we have agreed to
  5. Help us not to rob you O God, but to give of our finances in accordance with your will

4th – Luke 3:15- 20 Baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire

  1. Holy Spirit, give us a fresh anointing and baptism with your fire today
  2. Put a passion within our hearts, O Lord, that will cause us to desire to live one hundred percent for you
  3. Burn up all the dross in our lives that has no eternal value but which keeps us from serving you wholeheartedly
  4. For all those believers we know who have not yet been baptised in the Holy Spirit, we pray that they will seek you right now and receive from you
  5. Fan into flames the spiritual sparks within us, O Lord, and cause us to burn in ever increasing measure with spiritual fervour

5th – Matthew 3:13-17 Fulfilling all righteousness

  1. Holy Spirit, help us to follow the example of Jesus and, in our lives, fulfil all righteousness
  2. Lord Jesus, just as you were always obedient to our heavenly Father, help us to be obedient also
  3. Holy Spirit, convict us whenever we seem to be taking sin lightly, so that we may realise our need to change our ways
  4. Since, you want us to be salt and light in the world in which we live, O Lord enable us to be an effective cause for change for good to those we mix with
  5. Since sin in our lives will rob us of effectiveness as servants of Christ, help us to fulfil all righteousness and live powerfully for God

6th – Matthew 4:1 Led by the Spirit, tempted by the devil

  1. Holy Spirit, cause us always to remember that the more you use us the greater the devil will seek to cause us to fall and so help us to act with wisdom
  2. Lead us Holy Spirit in our day-to-day lives so that we are constantly fulfilling your purposes for our lives
  3. If we have not given time to seek your plans for our lives, O Lord, cause us right now to take time to seek you in order to do so
  4. Give us the wisdom to realise when we are being subtly led into temptation and give us the strength to resist
  5. Help us to humble ourselves before you continually O Lord, to resist the devil so that he may flee from us

7th – Matthew 4:2 Fasting

  1. For those of us who are physically able to do so, O God, give us the strength and the desire, at times, to enhance our prayer with fasting
  2. Help us, like Jesus, to make time, whenever possible, to set aside time to seek your face, O God, with prayer and fasting
  3. Give us the discernment to realise which things in our lives help us and which are of no spiritual value so that we may give them up and thereby benefit spiritually
  4. Help us to evaluate what we watch on television and to stop watching everything that would make us feel uncomfortable if you were sitting next to us, Lord Jesus
  5. Burden our hearts to seek you with prayer and fasting for a move of God in power to renew and revive your church and this nation

8th – Matthew 4:3-4 Man does not live on bread alone

  1. Lord, if our eyes are focussed only on our material needs, forgive us and help us to put our priorities in order
  2. May we not neglect your Word, O Lord, to read it, meditate upon it and to live it out in every part of our daily lives
  3. For those of us who are suffering from spiritual malnutrition because we have neglected to feed our souls with your Word, rescue us from our foolishness
  4. Thank you for all our material possessions, O Lord, but help us to use them in a way that brings glory to you and the Kingdom of God
  5. For all those we know who are struggling to make ends meet and as a result find little time to spend with you in prayer and with your Word, help and release them

9th – Matthew 4:5-7 Don’t test God

  1. Forgive us when we sin knowingly, O Lord, since we are without excuse
  2. When we doubt you and the promises or statements in your Word, have mercy on us for testing you
  3. When you have clearly told us what we should do and we have failed to do it, forgive us, and help us to change, O Lord
  4. When we have known what we should do but have failed to do it, have mercy on us, and help us to change, O God
  5. In future, when we know your will or when we know what we should do, give us the strength and grace always to do it at once and without question

10th – Matthew 4:8-10 Worship and serve the Lord only

  1. If we have any idols in our lives whether physical or non-physical, forgive us and today we pledge to remove them from our lives
  2. If our love is divided between you and something or someone else, O Lord, forgive us and we surrender all to you this day
  3. If our love, or the love of those we know, has grown cold, have mercy, O Lord and change us
  4. For the times we have backslidden in any area of our lives, forgive us, O Lord and keep us strong in you
  5. Today O Lord, we pledge afresh to love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind

11th – Matthew 4:12-17 Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near

  1. Lord, we repent for all the times we have caused you disappointment because of our actions or lack of faith and resolve to not to repeat them
  2. We repent for the sins of our forefathers on both sides of our generational line and ask you to remove today any lasting consequences of those sins in our lives
  3. We repent on behalf of our church for any sins amongst us that are causing you displeasure and ask you to forgive and root them out, O Lord
  4. We repent for the sins of our forefathers in our nation of Britain asking you to forgive and remove any lasting consequences of those sins in the life of our nation
  5. Let each of us be instruments today that will cause someone to come into the kingdom of heaven, by putting their faith in Christ

12th – Matthew 4:18-19 Come follow me

  1. Lord Jesus, today we re-consecrate our lives to you
  2. Show us the direction of each of our individual lives that you want us to go and today we pledge to follow wherever you lead us
  3. Continue to show us as a church the direction you want us to go and today we pledge to follow you wherever you lead us
  4. Help us to cast off all fear or anxiety but rather to trust you completely as we follow you, Lord Jesus
  5. Lord, you have given us freewill so help us to make the right choices at all times as we follow you

13th – Matthew 4:20- 22 Fishers of men

  1. Since we are here on earth to help others come out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, convict us so that we do not lose sight of that reality
  2. We pray that our evangelistic team would always know and experience the favour of God as they go onto the streets
  3. Anoint us at our places of work and give us the opportunities and the wisdom to speak to our work colleagues about Christ
  4. Help us to live a lifestyle of being fishers of men, making the most of every opportunity that you give us, O Lord
  5. We pray that we will see many men women and children giving their lives to you this, Lord Jesus

14th – Matthew 4:23-25 Moving in the power of the Holy Spirit

  1. Holy Spirit come amongst us in the fullness of your power, we pray
  2. Give us the faith to step out in the anointing you have already given us to see a greater measure of signs and wonders
  3. Multiply amongst us healings as your people lay hands on the sick in the Name of Jesus
  4. Pour out amongst us your spiritual gifts and may we use them for the glory of Jesus
  5. Teach us more and more and cause our faith to grow as we exercise the spiritual gifts you have given us in the community as well as in church

15th – Mark 1:21-28 Confronting evil

  1. Give us the spiritual discernment to recognise that we are constantly in a spiritual battle and help us always to overcome
  2. Since you have given us power over every wicked spirit, Lord Jesus, let your church rise up and not allow itself be defeated
  3. Anoint and empower afresh all those in the deliverance team as they minister to those who are troubled by evil spirits
  4. Give us the wisdom to continually ensure we have put on the full armour of God both to resist and to overcome every attack of our spiritual enemies
  5. Help us never to fear the enemies of our souls, but to understand our position and strength as followers of Jesus

16th – Mark 1:29-34 She began to wait on Jesus

  1. Lord, just as Peter’s mother-in-law’s first action was to serve you, may our first priority also be to serve you
  2. Help us, Holy Spirit, to examine our lives right now to see what place service for Jesus has in our priorities and help us to change everything that needs changing
  3. Holy Spirit, show us anything in the way of service for Jesus we are not doing that you want us to be doing now
  4. We pray you would show in all the areas, departments and ministries in the church what you want us to be doing
  5. Here we am Lord. please use us

17th – Mark 1:35-39 Rising early to pray

  1. Lord, teach us to pray
  2. Help us to understand the high importance of finding time in each day to spend with you, O Lord
  3. If you, Lord Jesus, found it so important to spend such time in prayer with our Heavenly Father, burden our hearts with the need for us to pray like you also
  4. Anoint, bless and use powerfully all those who intercede for others and those who voluntarily serve in the Prayer Centre, waiting on you, O God
  5. Raise up many more people to engage in all our prayer meetings and the Prayer Centre to seek you face, O God and for a move in revival power

18th – Mark 1:40-45 Jesus is willing

  1. Lord Jesus, since you are not only willing to make us clean but you also did everything necessary to enable it to happen cause us to continually worship you
  2. Reach out and touch the hearts and emotions afresh today, O Lord, of those amongst us who, for whatever reason, doubt your love towards them,
  3. Lord, may we never doubt that you are willing to forgive all who are prepared to repent giving us the courage to witness to all people no matter who they may be
  4. Lord Jesus, may we never doubt your willingness to heal and so give us the courage to pray for the sick in your name
  5. Since you are not willing that any should perish, we bring before you now our unsaved family, friends, neighbours and colleagues asking you would save them

19th – Luke 5:1-5 Because you say so Jesus

  1. Since, Lord, you are Sovereign above all things make us quick to say “yes” to you
  2. Forgive us Lord whenever we have refused to obey your commands and give us a new start today
  3. Speak to us today Lord, helping us to know and understand your will and to be quick to act upon it
  4. Since you have revealed your will through your Word, the Bible, O God, may we be diligent to obey everything you have told us
  5. As we obey your words, pour out you blessing on your people and your church and may unsaved people round us be touched and reached through that blessing

20th – Luke 5:6-10 A sinful man

  1. If we say we are without sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, but help us to seek always to live according to your standards, O Lord
  2. Help us to understand the total sinlessness and holiness of you, O God so that we may walk in humble gratitude for your great salvation
  3. Since you do not merely forgive our sins but enable us to become like you, Lord Jesus, change us more and more each day
  4. Lord when you use difficult circumstances in our lives to change us and help us grow in grace, enable us to recognise that and not to grumble
  5. Help us, O Lord, to recognise our weak points and to seek your help not to sin in those areas of our lives

21st – Luke 5:11-16 Leaving everything to follow Jesus

  1. Lord Jesus, since you have said that if we love anything more than you, we are not worthy of you, help us now forsake anything we love more than you
  2. For all those we know who you have called to leave homes and serve you as itinerant evangelists, help them and provide for all their needs
  3. For all the missionaries we know who have left their homeland to serve in other cultures, help them, use them and watch over them continually, we pray
  4. Lord you may not have called us to leave home to follow you, but may we have the same priority of serving you where we are, to the best of our ability
  5. Lord, as we wait upon you now, show each of us what you want us to do today and each day of our lives

22nd – Mark 2:1-12 When Jesus saw their faith

  1. Cause us to have the same compassion on our unsaved friends as those who brought the paralysed man to you Jesus
  2. Give us a child-like faith to believe every promise you have made in your Word, O God
  3. Give us the courage to step out with the measure of faith we already have, O Lord, and in the process see how you will develop that faith already within us
  4. Just like the friends of the paralysed man, help us to overcome all obstacles that prevent us seeing our prayers answered
  5. If our faith is weak at this time, O Lord, encourage us as we exercise it in small things first and then in increasingly greater things

23rd – Mark 2:13-17 Calling sinners

  1. We pray for and name all members of our families who are as yet unsaved asking you to save them, O Lord
  2. We pray for and name now all our friends who are not yet saved asking you to save them, O Lord
  3. We pray for and name all our neighbours who are not yet saved asking you to save them, O Lord
  4. We pray for and name all our work colleagues who have not yet given their lives to Christ asking you to save them, O Lord
  5. We pray that you would give us the opportunity and the wisdom to witness to each person we have named and prayed for today

24th – Mark 2:18-22 New wineskins

  1. If our ideas, views or understanding of the things of God are too rigid, soften us and make us like new wineskins today, we pray
  2. Make us receptive to what you are doing today and give us the new wine of your Holy Spirit, O Lord
  3. If our spiritual life is like that of the Pharisees, legally correct, but dry and unable to receive anything new from your Holy Spirit, break us and mould us anew
  4. Holy Spirit, make us a people who are able to receive everything you want to impart to us today, like those new wineskins
  5. As a church help us to forsake anything that has become an old wineskin, so that we may not resist anything new that you, Holy Spirit want to do in and through us

25th – Mark 2:23-28 Sabbath rest

  1. Lord, since we live in a busy society, give us the wisdom to be able to take proper rest, to renew our bodies and our minds
  2. For those we know who are having to work long hours either to make ends meet or looking after those they care for, help them in their time management
  3. Help us not to become too busy to be able spend time in the company of your people in worship on Sundays
  4. Bless our Sunday meetings, O Lord and may they be times of great spiritual refreshing because your presence is so obviously there
  5. For those of us who are striving for one reason or another, enable us to find a total rest in our relationship with our Father through Christ Jesus

26th – Mark 3:1-6 When Jesus gets angry

  1. Lord, since a stubborn heart makes you angry help us not to harden our hearts against you
  2. Lord, teach us to be willingly obedient at all times
  3. May the knowledge of your anger at sin and its consequences of eternal punishment ever keep us motivated to seek to save the lost
  4. Lord, keep us from complacency and keep us faithful so we may to hear your words “well done good and faithful servant”.
  5. Lord help us, like you, to get angry at sin and not to learn to accommodate it, but to love the sinner

27th – Mark 3:7-12 People come to Jesus

  1. Lord, as it is your desire that all men and women come to you, help us to be so Christ-like that they see you in us and are drawn to you
  2. Since you have called us, O God, to be ambassadors for Jesus in this earth, in all things and at all times may we be true ambassadors to those around us
  3. May we have such a simple faith and trust in you, O Lord that the signs and wonders in the Book of Acts, will be seen amongst us and draw people to Jesus
  4. Lord Jesus, your personality and character drew people to yourself so help us to be like you, so we can point people to you
  5. Have mercy on our nation, O God, and move in revival power once more to draw our nation back to you

28th – Mark 3:13-19 Appointed to serve Jesus

  1. Lord, since you have appointed us to go in your name show us the ministries you would have us carry out for you
  2. Raise up in our day more apostles to go throughout the world as you build your church through them
  3. Raise up prophets in our nation that will speak to the government and all institutions in our land with the very prophetic words of God
  4. Raise up from our midst pastors and teachers who can teach men, women and children, the full undiluted uncompromising Word of God
  5. Raise up from our midst evangelists, who are especially anointed to lead people to Christ and able to teach others to do so also

29th – Mark 3:20-26 A House divided cannot stand

  1. We pray for a total unity in the Spirit among everyone in our church, O Lord
  2. We pray for a total unity of Spirit among each household of those who attend our church, O God
  3. For every family in our church were there is strife between family members, bring repentance, harmony and unity, we pray
  4. We pray for a total unity of Spirit among the churches in our area O Lord, so that you may be able to move mightily among us
  5. Cause all believers in our nation to rise up with one voice and in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring momentous change for good in our land

30th – Mark 3:27-30 The Holy Spirit

  1. May we never resist your promptings, Holy Spirit
  2. Teach us to recognise every time you speaking to us or prompting us, Holt Spirit so that we may be quick to respond in obedience
  3. Cause us to be strong, O Lord so that we can always bind up any power of darkness or ‘strong man’, that seeks to oppose us and frustrate our service for God
  4. Help us to always remember that “ greater is he who is within us than he who is in the world”, so we may not be intimidated by the powers of darkness
  5. Today we ask you once again, Holy Spirit, to have your way fully and freely in our lives

31st – Mark 3:31-35 Doing God’s will

  1. Lord, speak to our hearts so that we do your will and not our own in all we are involved in this day
  2. If we are in the job or business right now that you desire us to be in, then guide and lead us and show us how best we can serve you in this job
  3. If we are not in the job you want us to be in, show us your will and open the right doors for us to be fully in your will
  4. For those of us who are genuinely seeking your will for their lives, but have not yet discerned what that is, help them now to understand, we pray

Lord, Jesus, since you have laid down your life for us, we now surrender and lay down our lives for you to


  • "Cyst on sciatica nerve disappears" - Diane had been suffering from intense pain in her back due to a cyst that was resting on her sciatic nerve. She had a scan in January 2010, which showed the cyst. She was then sent to Charing Cross Hospital, and she saw a surgeon who was prepared to operate on her back to remove the cyst. She had a second scan in March 2011 in preparation for the back operation. She had been receiving prayer about this, and Diane went to see the surgeon once more when it was noticed that the cyst had completely gone. The pain had also gone. Diane gives Jesus the glory and praise, and says that this has been due to answered prayer, since ECC prayed for her. She is overwhelmed with joy.
  • "Amazing that all pain was gone" Gifty had been having pains in her back, arms and neck. The Ministry Team lovingly prayed with her, and at the end of prayer she was amazed that all pain was gone. She was overjoyed as she shared her testimony.
  • "Amazing that all pain was gone" Gifty had been having pains in her back, arms and neck. The Ministry Team lovingly prayed with her, and at the"Healed of knee problem" “I was suffering with pain from a knee problem. The doctor told me that my last option would be a knee replacement. After the Ministry Team prayed with me, I am healed of the knee problem.”end of prayer she was amazed that all pain was gone. She was overjoyed as she shared her testimony.
  • "The pain has gone" “I have had a very bad back for 10 weeks due to my work. I have to do heavy lifting but tonight the pain has gone. I thank Jesus for healing me.”
  • "Free of all discomfort “I have been feeling feverish for over two weeks. I usually go to bed taking paracetamol, hoping that I will feel better. The Team prayed for me, and the pain at the back of my neck just went. I am now free of all discomfort. I thank Jesus for healing me.”
  • "The pain left my hip" “I had been having pain in my left hip. As I was sitting down and two ladies from the Ministry Team started to pray, I could feel pins and needles in my leg, which I believe was the start of my healing. Then after some time the pain in my hip just left.”
  • “It all happened on 3rd January 2010. A man had been having an argument with my husband for two days about work. My husband had difficulty explaining the matter in English, so he phoned my son to come and translate for him. When my son arrived, the man started to shout and argue. My son and husband tried to calm him down. However, he got violent and punched both my son and husband. Both of them were in shock and tried to defend themselves. In the process of defending themselves, the man fell on the floor and hurt himself. He then pressed charges against my husband and my son, accusing my son of stabbing him in the head several times with a knife. This lie of the devil led my son and husband to appear at the Old Bailey, and being allegedly charged with GBH (grievous bodily harm), a charge just below attempted murder. The whole incident, which had been based on lies, continued for roughly a year. At the hearing, this man continued to lie and accuse my son. All this time, I prayed and believed in my Lord Jesus Christ. My faith was strong, and was not going to accept this lie over truth. I would often sit outside the Court and inside and pray to Almighty God. Eventually, the judges and jury saw the truth, and my family was free - without any allegations. I am so happy and proud to be a born-again Christian. I have also realised in several situations that God is in our lives and hearts. He has His hand on our heads, protecting us and saving us from the devil. My husband follows Jesus, and has forgiven the man in the same way Jesus would have done, and because of this I can also forgive him. I thank God for this miracle - justice and happiness prevailed in Jesus’ Name!”