Welcome to youth ministries at ECC. We purpose to invest in the lives of youth and young adults to see lives changed, potential unlocked, hope released… empowerment… belonging… a purpose filled generation that will transform this city and this world for Christ.

Youth Ministries is the umbrella ministry which encompasses Youth (11-18) and Young Adults (18 – 23). So take a closer look at how YOU can join us and be a part of this incredible journey through our network of small group cells, social events, individual mentoring, our commitment to developing emerging leaders and creative opportunities to serve, so you too can uncompromisingly live life the Jesus way.



Sunday Sessions

Our Sunday Youth sessions are home to interactive small groups for young people at high school (Years 7-11) and those entering the college years.

These conversational style sessions provide a unique opportunity for young people to discover and explore faith in a community orientated environment, which aims to equip and empower young people to live for Jesus every day of the week.

Our Sunday morning sessions are held during both the 9:00am and 11:15am service.

At the 9:00am service, our sessions begin at 9:25am till 10:45am and are as follow;

  • Teens Talk Boys, for those in school year 7 – 11+ held in the balcony room
  • Teens Talk Girls, for those in school year 7 – 11+ held in Annex Room 5

At the 11:15am service, our sessions begin at 11:40am till 1:00pm and are as follow;

  • Teens Talk Boys, for those in school year 7 – 11+ held in the balcony room
  • Teens Talk Girls, for those in school year 7 – 11+ held in Annex Room 5
  • Nu Talk, Mixed gender for those in year 11+ in Annex Room 5




Untitled-1The HUB is a social space for youth under 18 years old, which hosts a cluster of small groups – Central Groups.

It runs on a Friday during term time from 5pm – 8pm at ECC in the basement area.

During each half term we schedule different type of activities. Our ‘Chill Out’ sessions provide a social space with activities such as table tennis, pool, table football, cards, gaming and more. We also host themed weeks or special events as part of the programme.

Each session finishes with us splitting into small groups for discussion. Our topics for discussion usually follow a theme for each half term.

The schedule for this half term is.. Add flyer for this half Term (when supplied)

For more information,  email Ruth





Our Ministry to our young adults, which includes those from eighteen into their early twenties, combines Fun, Friendship and Faith.

Transition, is held on a Monday evening bringing all of these components together, as we meet from 7:00pm – 9:30pm at Ealing Christian Centre. During this time we spend time hanging out with one another, before breaking off into smaller groups

These small groups, called ‘Central Groups’ are an accessible, relevant and contemporary approach to cell for young adults which include discussion and life application. Whatever the style or shape a Central Group takes each has three distinctive values;
1. A place where Christ is Central
2. A place of invitation and challenge
3. A Growing Community

A place where Christ is Central: In a Central Group Community the aim is that Christ would be so much a part of those who are a part of it, that He is naturally central to every moment. The laughter, the conversation, the fun, the moments of worship, basically everything!

A place of invitation and challenge: A central group is designed to be a mini community, were people through invitation find a place to belong within an environment which presents the constant challenge to be Christ-Centred in all you do.

A Growing Community: A healthy community is a growing community. A community which is growing in genuine love, care and commitment to one another; growing in number, seeing people joining and finding a place within the community and growing as individuals whose lives are being changed as they pursue making Christ central to the every moment living.

Special Events coming up…. Add Information for this half Term (when supplied)

For more information, Email: Victoria, Jonathan or Dave


Youth Events