My Experience

I am a childminder registered with Ofsted in London Borough of Ealing and have decided to try the Little Stars Playgroup just before the summer holiday of 2016. Since then, I am going there every Wednesday, when the place is open,with my assistants and the children we mind for.

When we first went there, we were impressed by seeing the wide play area, how friendly and professional the staff is and the resources they have. We would like to have Little Stars open more often.

The place is clean, with a large space for the children to play in and has lots of toys, books and activity resources to keep children entertained. Staff help children to learn through motivating and supporting them to try things for themselves. Consequently, children enjoy learning through play. Also staff support children`s and parent`s/childcarers`communication and language skills well, as they use good questioning techniques and model a wide range of vocabulary.

Nevertheless, the staff are always making parents/childcarers feel welcome with just a smile, by providing for them snacks and drinks, as well as enough seats to rest while supervising the children. They have friendly conversations with parents/childcarers and keeping a good relationship which easily illustrates their professionalism and knowledge about safeguarding and anything to do when you are minding for children.It also helps to promote children`s learning and development between the playgroup and home/childminder/nursery.

The parking facility is also a huge advantage for us as we are based in Ealing Broadway and we find it a bit difficult to walk all the way fron Northfields to Ealing Broadway when we must get in time for lunch.

I would happily recommend Little Stars to any parent/childcarer looking for a fun and professional playgroup.

Isabella C.

childminder registered with Ofsted in London Borough of Ealing