Revival & Healing Ministry

Revival and Healing meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 6.30 pm to 9 pm.  Each month we have seen God moving in his power and have seen many people healed of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.  Many powerful testimonies have come forth as a result of these meetings.


Powerful testimonies of healing and salvation are shared beforehand to encourage the faith of those who are present.  There is usually time for worship and a short word before we minister to the people who come with all kinds of situations.


We have seen many creative miracles taking place whereby God has miraculously healed back problems and sciatica problems.  Usually when a person has back problems or shoulder problems their back bones in most cases are out of alignment, causing the nerves to pinch hence causing the excruciating pain.  But when a command is given in Jesus' name for healing, the bones go back into alignment, the nerves are released and the person receives healing.  There is power in Jesus name.  The same goes to healing of shoulders, necks and all kinds of bone problems,  in some cases regeneration of bones without needing bone graft.


Amazing creative miracles such as baby healed whilst still in the mother’s womb and born healthy.  Creative miracles of 4rd degree prolapse of uterus pushed back miraculously into  position after prayers, ‘invisible angelic hands.’  Did not need an operation after that.  On many occasions, people receiving healing right where they are in their seats without any one laying hands on them as the Holy Spirit healed them during worship or when the word was preached.


We have seen people with allergies healed miraculously, those who are gluten intolerant, high blood pressure healed, diabetics, eye problems, blindness disappearing, deaf ears healed and many more.


Women have been healed of fibroids, in some cases infertility gone when women have come back to witness that they have conceived after prayers received at the meeting.  Also other female problems such as heavy bleeding healed in Jesus name. 


We minister not only to the sick but also to those needing any ministry such as those needing financial breakthroughs, jobs, visas and housing situations, and much more including healing of wounded hearts.


We have a loving and compassionate ministry team who come alongside those needing prayers and we take time to pray and minister.  We are dependent upon the Holy Spirit to move as He wills and are always pleased when He shows up at the meetings.


You  are welcome to attend our meetings, and bring your friends and family to experience the power of God together. 



Pastor Rajinder Buxton.