South America & Caribbean



ECC have been supporting Pastor Michael Sammy since 1994 when he was the principal of the Bible Institute of Guyana – Georgetown.

Pastor Michael pioneered a church in Timerhi called Elim Timerhi Christian Fellowship (ETCF) following an ECC short-term mission in 2001. ETFC is now one of the largest Elim churches in Guyana and has now two daughter churches – one in a place called Swan and the other Canaan. (Not the land of Canaan!!)                                                                                                            



Reconciliation Ministries International


RMI was established by Pastor George Miller and his wife Hazel.

RMI is about evangelism and reaching people with the gospel, by all means – Going forward with the gospel of the kingdom of God: taking the message of repentance, renewal, revival, restoration and reconciliation to all nations. RMI publishes a Caribbean edition of the Word for today and is distributed throughout the Caribbean region. ECC helps fund this publication.